September 2014 - rotation is all about mixing heavy weights with light weights and mixing high intensity cardio with steady state cardio.

October 2014 - rotation is sure to burn fat and calories while shaping and developing lean muscle mass.

November 2014 - SO this month is all about the healthy clean up and the whole hearted squat down. Ready …set…go!

December 2014 - As this month draws near its end we are most likely not going to have the time for 60 minute workouts. Good News! By then you should have your Ripped With Hiit workouts in your hands, which are perfectly shorter in length, and I will factor them into the last two weeks of this rotation.

January 2015 - Kick off the New Year with this high intensity cardio/strength fitness rotation that features Ripped with Hiit as well as my other popular workouts.

February - 2015 - This rotation is all about "sweatin' to the oldies". Let's go back in time and experience how hard these workouts STILL are.

March 2015 - This month we are shaking things up with a combo of solid cardio, strength cardio, solid heavy strength and strength endurance.

April 2015 - This month’s rotation is for all of our kickboxing, boxing, bootcamp and leg blast lovers. This rotation focuses on all of these types of workouts and is guaranteed to bring you great overall strength, muscle shaping and fat loss results.

May 2015 - This rotation is all about intense cardio conditioning. Some steady state training, some interval training & some cardio mixed with muscle endurance.

June 2015 - This month's rotation is all about shock training. Rev your metabolism, blast off body fat, build lean muscle mass & increase your stamina.

July 2015 - This rotation is all about heavier lifting and body fat loss. Shock your metabolism with this mixture of heavy weights, hiit workouts and yoga.

August 2015 - This month is a “Mish Mosh Shock Your Body” Rotation. Each week will encompass all the components of fitness while hitting one fitness component a little harder than all the others.

September 2015 - This month we will rock’m sock’m, push the pedal to the metal, step, jump and pump our way to a fierce and fabulous fit body.

October 2015 - None posted!

November 2015 - Here is some workout variety for you. Enjoy!

December 2015 - Before we get too far into this month of “feastivities”, let’s take a glance at this timesaver rotation so that we can gather all our workouts ahead of time and plug them into the best days for our busy month.

January 2016 - Now that you have had some time to get familiar with your ICE series workouts here is a rotation that’s sure to get 2016 off to an amazing start (Blizzard Blasts are optional on every workout). Get ready to lose unwanted holiday pounds, strengthen muscles and reduce body fat! It’s time to ICE ICE Baby!!!!

February 2016 - This month's rotation provides a great mix of older & newer, longer & shorter, hiit & steady state, total body strength & split strength workouts.

March 2016 - Get ready to revisit some of my older goodies and reignite that "fire burning" feeling! Your body will get lean & strong while you sweat away calories to some popular favorites.

April 2016 - This April get ready to lift it, hit it, push it, pull it, burn it.

May 2016 - This month is all about fat loss, cross training and muscle shaping. Lots of hiit training mixed with muscle strength and endurance workouts from our popular (series) favorites!

June 2016 - This month we visit the oldies but goodies with lots of total body focus.

July 2016 - This July we are keeping our workouts short and easy since vacations and weekend getaways are so popular through the summer months.

August 2016 - This month we’ll been doing a “blast from the past” as we revisit some of the past favorite workouts while shedding body fat and shaping muscles.

September 2016 - This month is a nice mix of various exercise workouts to shock your metabolism and keep your body on its A game.

October 2016 - A great mix of cardio, total body, and separate upper and lower body days will keep those muscles confused and working hard!

November 2016 - Enjoy a mix of weight training from all the series. Some are longer, some are shorter and lots of cardio variety.

December 2016 -
As we close out 2016 let's work hard on this versatile rotation. Each week has a challenging fitness focus which includes hiit training, cardio, upper body, lower body, total body & core. A little extra cardio focus this month due to the extra holiday feasting.

January 2017 - It’s time to get STRONG and SWEATY! Let’s kickoff the New Year with a rotation that’s sure to re-ignite your fitness fire!

February 2017 - Step, jump, pump & barre is the theme of this month's rotation.

March 2017 - Prepare for an intense mix of cardio and weights with a bit of additional focus on legs! Ready, set…GO!

April 2017 - This month is a complete mishmosh of various series. Get soaked and sweaty with classic favorites from series past!

May 2017 - This month you will shock your metabolism with a wide variety of longer, shorter, higher intensity and lower intensity workouts

June 2017 - . Each week you’ll hit straight up cardio as well as solid lower body focus, solid upper body focus, circuits and core! Great variety, great calorie burn, great results!

July 2017 - This rotation will help to keep you fit and fabulous all summer long!

August 2017 - This month we will continue shocking our bodies with a rotation full of various workouts from older and newer series.

September 2017 - This month we will focus on various cardio/hiit workouts each week.
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October 2017 - This month we have an intense mix of heavy weights and high energy cardio to keep our internal furnaces burning to the max!

November 2017 - This month’s rotation is jam packed with weights and cardio to get you primed and ready for whatever comes your way

December 2017 - Variety of workouts

January 2018 - New Fit Split rotations: Cathe posted 3 rotations:
1. New Fit Split rotation.
2. Fit Split & XTrain 2 Month Rotation
3. Fit Split & Ripped With HiiT One Month Rotation

February 2018 - this rotation that includes a week of low impact, a week of high impact, a week of Hiit and a week of steady state.

March 2018 - Get ready to step, lift, jump, pump and sweat through an intense mix of solid cardio, solid weight and circuit workouts.

April 2018 - Enjoy this month’s balanced rotation with a good variety of favorites that cover cardio, legs, boxing, upper body and yoga.

May 2018 - This month visits lots of workouts we haven't touched in a while to shock your metabolism as you dive into the season of losing the heavier layers of clothing.

June 2018 - Enjoy a month of shocking your metabolism with a little more emphasis on cardio and muscle endurance

July 2018 - This month is structured to hit your muscles a little differently each week.

August 2018 - This month you’ll do a variety of workouts to stimulate muscle confusion, encourage body fat loss and improve overall stamina.

September 2018 - Enjoy the variety of cross training workouts this month.

October 2018 - This month’s rotation will utilize heavy weights and mixed cardio.

November 2018 - This month rotation that is not only heavy on intensity and calorie burn but also shocks your metabolism with lots of variety.

December 2018 - Here’s alot of variety for you to keep those muscle challenged as we bring this year to a close.

JANUARY 2019 - This month’s rotation has a little extra high intensity kick to burn some leftover holiday calories!

FEBRUARY 2019 - This month we’ll shake things up again with a mix of high impact, low impact, heavy weight and higher rep workouts.

MARCH 2019 - Let’s give our muscles a metabolic butt kickin’ with a mix of total body and upper/lower split weight workouts and mixed cardio in a range of intensities!

APRIL 2019

MAY 2019
This May 2019 rotation focuses on getting our bodies ready to wear tank tops, swimsuits and shorts. Plan to keep your heart rate high while developing strength and endurance over the course of each week.

JUNE 2019 - You’ll be mixing old and new workouts, muscle endurance and strength workouts, long and short cardio workouts.

JULY 2019
This month we’re going to do a week of total body workouts mixed with cardio, a week of heavy weights mixed with cardio, a week of split routines mixed with cardio and finally a week of metabolic weights mixed with cardio.



October 2019

November 2019

We have now entered the holiday “nibbling” season so let’s take on a rotation that focuses a bit more on cardio mixed with weight to keep the calorie burn high!

This month’s rotation will feature the new Step Boss workouts and bonuses along with one of our fan favorites, The Hardcore Series!


March 2020

April 2020

May 2020

June 2020

July 2020

August 2020

September 2020
This month we have a solid mix of weight work and cardio from four different series. Each week we will stay within one series with workouts arranged to successfully hit both strength and cardio goals.

October 2020

November 2020

December 2020

January 2021

February 2011

March 2021

April 2021

May 2021

June 2021

July 2021
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Here are all of the links to our different User's Guide:

Cathe body - building rotation:

Cathe High Intensity rotation "03

Fitnessfreas's Rotations:
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I been organizing all my Cathe dvd's. I put together Cathe's dvd Library. Hopefully it will help someone else. If you see a mistake please let me know. I will pin this list in here for everyone to find

Cathe DVD Library: Released Date:

Cardio Hits: 1999
Power Max
Step Works
Step Fit

Circuit Max & Cardio Kicks: 1999
Circuit Max
Cardio Kicks

Cross Train Xpress Series : 2000
Leaner Legs
All Step
Step & Intervals
Power Circuit

Pure Strength Series : 2001
Strong Legs & Abs
Back, Biceps and Abs
Chest, Shoulder & Triceps

Slow & Heavy Series: 2001
Legs & Shoulders
Chest & Back
Triceps & Biceps

Rhythmic Step + : 2001
Rhythmic Step
Maximum Intensity Cardio

Power Hour + : 2001
Power Hour
Maximum Intensity Strength
Body Max

The Classics: 2002
Step Jam
Step Heat
Step Max

Intensity Series: The Terminator: 2003
The Viper
The Gauntlet

Intensity Series Volume 3: 2003
Pyramid Upper Body
Pyramid Lower Body

Intensity Series Volume 2: 2003
Boot Camp
Muscle Endurance

Intensity Series Volume 1: 2003
Cardio & Weights

Body Blast Series Timesaver: 2003
Leg Work

Body Blast Series Volume 3: 2003
Push Pull

Body Blast Series Volume 2: 2003
Kick,Punch & Crunch
Legs & Glutes

Body Blast Series Volume 1: 2003
Step Blast
Step, Jump & Pump

Basic Step + Body Fusion: 2004
Basic Step
Body Fusion
Upper Body Sculpt
Lower Body Sculpt
Stability Ball Abs

Hardcore Series: 2005
Core Max
Gym Style Chest & Tricpes
Gym Style Legs
Gym Style Back, Shoulder & Biceps
Hardcore Extreme
High Step Challange
Kick Max
Low Max
Muscle Max
Stretch Max

Low Impact Step + Total Body Sculpting 2005
Total Body Stretching

Buts & Guts
Low Impact Circuit
Cardio Fusion
Body Max 2
Drill Max

4 Day Split Cardio & Weights: 2007
High Intensity Step Aerobics plus heavy weights Chest Back
Low Impact Step plus heavy weights Shoulder and Core
Cardio Kickbox plus heavy weights Legs and Core
Boot Camp Cardio plus heavy weights Bi's and TRI's

STS 36 DVD: 2009
Meso 1
Meso 2
Meso 3

STS Ab Circuits: 2009

STS Shock Cardio: 2009
MMA Kickbox
MMA Boxing
MMA Fusion
Step Moves
Athletic Step
Cardio Core Circuit
Travel Fit
Cardio HiiT

STS Total Body
Lower Body Blast
High Reps

Low Impact Series: 2011
Athletic Training
Total Body Trisets
Slide & Glide
Yoga Max
Yoga Relax
Cycle Max
Low Impact Challenge
Turbo Barre
Cardio Supersets

Cross Fire
To The Max

XTrain: 2013
Chest, Back & Shoulder
Bi's & Tri's
Burn Sets
Super Cuts
Hard Strikes
All Out Low Impact HiiT
Cardio Leg Blast

Great Glutes
Lean Legs & Abs
Pedal Power

Cathe Greatest Hits Vo.1 Step

Ripped with HiiT: 2014
HiiT Circuit Upper Body
HIIT Circuit Lower Body
Lift It Hit It Chest, Triceps and Shoulders
Lift It Hit It Back, Biceps and Shoulders
Lift It HiiT It Legs
Low Impact HiiT
Plyo HiiT

ICE Extreme Bundle: 2016
Rock'm Sock'm Kickbox
Bootcamp Circuit
Low Impact Sweat
Metabolic Total Body
To the Mat: Legs & Glutes
Chiseled Upper Body
Chiseled Lower Body

Strong & Sweaty: 2017
PHA Training
Total Body Giant Sets
Boot Camp
Cardio Slam
Ramped Up Upper Body
Cycle Sweat

Fit Tower Advanced: 2017
Boot Camp
Total Body
Legs, Glutes & Core

Fit Splits: 2017
Low Impact Cardio / Metabolic Conditioning
Boxing Bootcamp / Legs & Glutes
Mixed Impact Cardio / Pull Day
Shred Cardio / Push Day

Lite Series: 2019
Bodyweight & Bands
Metabolic Blast
Strong Body Stacked Sets: Lower
Cardio Party
Strong Body Stacked Sets: Upper
Rev'd Up Rumble

Step Boss: 2019

Perfect 30: Sep 21, 2020
Perfect Pump
Perfect HiiT
Perfect Flow

Boss Bands : 18 Sep, 2021
Boss Bands: Total Body
Boss Loops: Glutes & Core

STS 2.0 : 2023 - May 2023

4 Workouts on 4 DVDs - Estimated to Ship December 2023

Lift, Move & Restore - Estimated to ship Summer 2024
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Sorry I had to break up Cathe rotations. They system only allows me to add so many rotations in a post!! I at one point I probably will add all the 2021 on this page. Sorry about that! There isn't anything I can do.

August 2021

September 2021

October 2021

November 2021

December 2021



MARCH 2022

APRIL 2022

MAY 2022

JUNE 2022

JULY 2022




November 2022

December 2022

January 2023

February 2023

March 2023

April 2023

May 2023

June 2023

July 2023
August 2023

September 2023

October 2023

November 2023

December 2023
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January 2024

February 2024
March 2024
April 2024
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