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Cathe Kick, Punch & Crunch..
Whew! Tm at 4.0 45 min

Finally! I've had this one set up for several months now, but I wanted to do it when I felt energetic!

I noticed my vhs is entirely cardio, I got it when it first came out..... now looking at the "Workout Manager" I realize it has Circuit and weights sections.. I don't know if it's the age but I'm into weights more nowadays.
Fitball Upper body Challenge 55m then Cathe Ripped with HiiT Plyo HiiT Two Tm 50m 3.7 (I forgot and kept walking).

I spent an hour getting ready to workout....connecting wires from player to new(used) TV, it turned out the USB cord I had was broken, changed it and was fine. Then sweeping and mopping the floor, I don't know where the dirt comes from.
Fitball Lower Body Challenge Cheryl Soleway (I used 4lb ankle weights)

I was going to follow up with a Cathe but ran out of time.
Total Body workout Victoria Johnson (awt) I rewind & add more Upper Body weights. +
Cathe Ripped with HiiT Low Impact HiiT #2 +Abs 2 TM 30m 3.5