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Intensity Series Pyramid Lower Body.
I should have legs like Tina Turner after that one. I may have to stay in the basement the rest of the day as I am not sure I can climb the stairs.
Strong and Sweaty Ramped Up Upper Body.
The tris are still recovering from Tuesday. Love the bicep isolation work- really gets them popping.
Legs tomorrow- hopefully they'll be a little more recovered :/
That is my "go to" upper body workout right now. I love the little "burn moves" with the bands (especially the shoulder circles and bicep crazy 8s)!
Margaret Richard Beauty to the Bone vol's 1&2 all Upper Body&Abs+Kristin Kagen Step this way 2 Treadmill 3.7 6mwu51m +Rodney Yee Daily Yoga day 2 Energize (Vinyasa) 22m I woke up early so that mom wouldn't interrupt me from my workout &it worked! I led her through stretches afterwards.