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I am tortured about ordering Cathe's new videos. Wondering if there is any weight work to them. Bc I go on my Treadmill whenever it's a Step wo. Day. I love her intervals Training.
Today: Slim in Six Keep it up Debbie Siebers TM 32m at 3.5 I added leg lifts w 4lb ankle weights & Abs.
Yesterday: CIA 2303 Step it Strong Keli Roberts 46m Circuit+27m weights section Abs
Brand New Butt & Pilates Janis Saffell is actually a Lower Body workout with the Dynaband. She used a Red band which is tougher. I used red and sometimes purple. Interesting that it is possible to do every single Body part with the band!
Leg presses are easier on my knees with the band!
High Reps Upper Body Premix I added Back since it wasn't included in the premix. Odd..+ Hollywood Trainer Kickbox Bootcamp & Awt Jeanette Jenkins I like the high energy music.