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The original Body Pump 45m. This week will be intermediate in nature. Up until now I’ve been losing inches more so than pounds but during this past week pounds have been falling off. Little old scrawny lady is definitely not what I’m going after.
Today was KCM Cardio Quick Fix WO #1: 25m + Pure Strength Triceps + Stretching 13m and it was perfect for my needs!

Tomorrow I transition back to weight training for a week. I’m excited to do so. I still need to figure out my cardio plans for alternate days.
The Bar Method Fat Free 45m + Pure Strength Biceps 11:31m

Tomorrow I begin week 7. The first benign tumor hasn’t returned. The second is about 1/3 smaller so the remaining 2 weeks probably won’t completely clear it.
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Lady Vol Fan
I'm sorry (⁠´⁠;⁠︵⁠;⁠`⁠)
Thank you but it’s ok. It’s benign and it will be smaller. I honestly will need a break from this strict plan but there are other options to force autophagy to kick in.
Restorative: Slings Hands to Heart #1 - 32m This practice felt so good!

You know how your clothes start fitting totally differently - and not in a good way - when menopause hits full force? I can attest to the fact that this is reversible and I’m loving it.
KCM Start Here: Aerobic Cardio Premix 19m + Pure Strength Shoulders 10:19m, STS 2.0 Foam Rolling LB: 13m

Foam rolling the day after Barre really tops it off nicely.