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I repeated my weekly segmented body composition and my muscle is safe. I realized that the reading provides a Physique Rating 1 through 9. Mine is “8: Thin and Muscular (Athlete) lower than average body fat% with adequate muscle mass. If I continue to slowly add muscle I hope I’ll hit a 9 (very muscular.)

That’s after 214 fasts all at least 23 hours long.
I’m still at it. My final fatty tumor is about 1/3 of its original size but is quite stubborn so my fasting alternated with medical keto continues.
I know both keto fasting freaks people out.
Thats why I’m sharing.
No worries, I’m not going to start regular updates. I’m trying to do so on my blog. I finally did a segmental body composition. It was excellent! My medical Keto didn’t eat up muscle or bones or kill my metabolism. The 4” off my waist and 5” off my hips was fat. My BMR is actually higher than before by 400 calories a day. I’ll be 69 in June and my metabolic age is 26. If that’s from evil keto, oh well.
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Lady Vol Fan
Lady Vol Fan
What do you mean by evil keto?
Sorry, I haven’t been visiting very often. So many people assume that a ketogenic lifestyle is unhealthy or will kill you. There’s actually a very poorly done study about intermittent fasting and heart disease making the rounds.
Lady Vol Fan
Lady Vol Fan
Ohhh , ok!
Today I did Pilates: Stott Essential Cadillac 67m + Seated UB 6/10: 5m

Today is the final day of my 8 week Reduced OMAD Medical keto plan. I’m really happy with my results.