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  • KY, Lite Body Weight & Bands & the abs & stretch from Cardio & weights. I really enjoyed this!
    Finished week 1! KY, ICE Muscle Meltdowns Chest, Shoulders & Triceps & my own stretches. It’s so beautiful we also did a 30 minute hilly walk. Lost 4.5 pounds this week, which is too much. I guess Cathe really did create a weight loss rotation!
    KY, ICE Chiseled LB + Icey Core 2
    I wasn’t sure about this choice when I started but soon thereafter I realized that this one was perfect for my goals. I pretty much jumped the whole thing. Working on reclaiming my IMAX abilities.
    OFF day per my Rotation Template so only 30 minutes of KY. I weathered the 8” step with only a tiny bit of soreness in my tibialis anterior which is already gone. No SIJ or neck issues. Loving this rotation but it’s less than a week old.
    KY then IMAX 4 followed by the bonus abs and Chair stretch. It was my first time doing this DVD and I really enjoyed it! I used an 8” step again and lived to tell about it. ;) This abs workout is excellent, especially when you work against the weight rather than allowing the weight to create momentum. Roasty Toasty abs and more today. Love the chair stretch too!
    KY then Cathe’s Basic Step on 8” Step! It was basic enough that I was able to keep my hips aligned so no SIJ issues! My knees and neck are also ok. Hopefully I can soon move to a 10” box for step ups. I used to step on 10” but don’t really see that happening again for regular cardio step. I also did a fairly hilly 35 minute walk.
    Day 2 - KY as warm-up then Back, Biceps & Abs - used Ice Muscle Meltdowns and MIS Abs, also 35 minutes of jogging intervals on TM. MIS Stretches
    Day 1 of my Cathe Weight Loss Template. KY then Rock’m Sock’m Kickbox was my choice. Love this one! Putting my core into and jumping it really beefs it up! Roastie Toastie Core here
    Yes! I just finished the last Cathe WO from my 1 month 4 Day Split Rotation! Tomorrow is Kundalini Yoga, which I do every day. I can’t begin to share all the benefits I got from this rotation. Many would look “meh” to die hard Cathletes but they’re huge to me. I reclaimed my jump! This soon to be 65 YO little old lady can bunny hop over a wide band again :D Thank you Cathe!
    Finished Week 3 of 4 Day Split this morning. I’ll do yoga tomorrow, then a rest day and then Week 4 begins.
    KY, gardening, stripped 4 Jack Russell coats and bathed them all. Then chased them around the yard to keep them from rolling on the ground until they were all dry. I’m beat! So are they! :D
    KY, 4 Day Split Lower Intensity Step, Shoulders, Core and Calves - I added an extra 10 rep/5 exercise Giant Set for Shoulders, cut back on calves and added foot, ankle and tibialis work but didn’t change the abs work.
    KY, 4DS Kickbox LB & ABs, Callanetics Express Total Body. Fun in the gym this morning! Thought a step wo was scheduled but that’s not for a couple days.
    KY, 25 min Spinning intervals, 25 min. TM, UB Resistance Stretching. I’m going to mark tomorrow’s step WO later to see if I can at least partially nail it.
    KY, 4Day Split Higher Intensity Step, Chest & Back, LB Resistance Stretching. This step wo was so much fun this morning! I’m loving this rotation!!
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