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  • No worries, I’m not going to start regular updates. I’m trying to do so on my blog. I finally did a segmental body composition. It was excellent! My medical Keto didn’t eat up muscle or bones or kill my metabolism. The 4” off my waist and 5” off my hips was fat. My BMR is actually higher than before by 400 calories a day. I’ll be 69 in June and my metabolic age is 26. If that’s from evil keto, oh well.
    Today I did Pilates: Stott Essential Cadillac 67m + Seated UB 6/10: 5m

    Today is the final day of my 8 week Reduced OMAD Medical keto plan. I’m really happy with my results.
    Today was Essentrics Body Sculpting Series Leg Sculptor 30m + Slings: Dynamic Spiraling & Balancing 18m

    Two day countdown
    Essentrics Body Sculpting Series Arm Blast & Posture Boost 30m + Slings Foundation: Happy Back & Spirals 19.5m

    4 days remaining
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    So will Friday be a FriYay?
    :) Yes and no. This strict medical plan ends because it’s not meant to be long term so Friday will be my last post. I’ll transition to a different plan that will hopefully keep the positive changes happening albeit perhaps more slowly.
    Lady Vol Fan
    Lady Vol Fan
    Hopefully you can relax it a bit
    KCM Circuit Burn Cardio/Boxing premix 31m + Cathe Stretch Max #1 - 22m Fun!

    6 days left on my calorie restricted OMAD after today. I’ve got a solid plan for moving forward at that point.
    Today is a Restorative day for me. I did Slings Myofascial Advanced Basically Core 24m. Myofascial work is my ongoing PT.

    Tomorrow begins Week 8.
    Cathe Body Blast Push Pull 45m
    Boy did I ever enjoy this workout!

    I just keep on keeping on, true to plan. This morning my fatty tumor actually looks smaller in addition to feeling softer and smaller.
    KCM Meltdown WO2 (Air Jump Rope in place of Bobs) - 28m + Cathe Stretch Max #2 Stability Ball 20m

    My back fatty tumor is actually shrinking pretty quickly. It’s still quite visible but instead of being round and firm it’s jellylike.
    The Firm Maximum Body Shaping 45m

    I forgot how fast they set up, move and then strike props. I actually like it. I think Cathe’s older DVDs do the same, though to a lesser degree.
    The original Body Pump 45m. This week will be intermediate in nature. Up until now I’ve been losing inches more so than pounds but during this past week pounds have been falling off. Little old scrawny lady is definitely not what I’m going after.
    Today was KCM Cardio Quick Fix WO #1: 25m + Pure Strength Triceps + Stretching 13m and it was perfect for my needs!

    Tomorrow I transition back to weight training for a week. I’m excited to do so. I still need to figure out my cardio plans for alternate days.
    The Bar Method Fat Free 45m + Pure Strength Biceps 11:31m

    Tomorrow I begin week 7. The first benign tumor hasn’t returned. The second is about 1/3 smaller so the remaining 2 weeks probably won’t completely clear it.
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    I'm sorry (⁠´⁠;⁠︵⁠;⁠`⁠)
    Thank you but it’s ok. It’s benign and it will be smaller. I honestly will need a break from this strict plan but there are other options to force autophagy to kick in.
    Restorative: Slings Hands to Heart #1 - 32m This practice felt so good!

    You know how your clothes start fitting totally differently - and not in a good way - when menopause hits full force? I can attest to the fact that this is reversible and I’m loving it.
    KCM Start Here: Aerobic Cardio Premix 19m + Pure Strength Shoulders 10:19m, STS 2.0 Foam Rolling LB: 13m

    Foam rolling the day after Barre really tops it off nicely.
    My sleep wasn’t the best due to high ketones. For some reason I’m a bit of a ketone factory.

    Today I did The Bar Method Beginner’s 37m + Karen Voight Pure & Simple Stretch Floor 30m

    Karen made me crave a nap but unfortunately there’s no time for one.
    Pure Strength Warm-up + Back (added 1 set BB Rows) 20m + Walking 25m

    You can probably guess that my playlist for the walk was a blast from the past.

    I’m always amazed how deep, controlled Barre work with a side of Weights impacts my fasting BG and Ketone readings. It’s the most powerful WO I do.
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