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    Turbo Barre 2.0

    I hope this link works. Turbo Barre If not check Amazon.
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    STS: 2.0 update

    It was this sentence in this latest update. I totally admit that I’m probably reading way more into than I need to. One thing you can always count on when it comes to Cathe is that it will be well done.
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    STS: 2.0 update

    When I used the term “puke in a bucket” I used it figuratively rather than literally. I’ve been consistently physically active for coming up on 55 years. I should have realized that not everyone would “get” the figurative reference since it’s not commonly used these days. Figuratively a “Puke...
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    STS: 2.0 update

    No not like Shaun T. :eek: I own almost all of Cathe’s DVDs except about four. I started with her VHS Tapes back when she was a new instructor. I replaced those VHS tapes with DVDs. I’ve been supporting her releases for literally decades. Back in the day she had the reputation of being the...
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    STS: 2.0 update

    Yes, I’m aware of those types of intensifiers and understand how they work. I do also understand that heavy weights are relative. I’m more interested in how Cathe plans to use any/all/none of these intensifiers. That portion of the announcement just reminded me of something from 10 years ago...
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    STS: 2.0 update

    This sentence took me from excited expectation to more of a patient watching and waiting mode. I know Cathe fans are known for loving the toughest of workouts. Puke in a bucket isn’t really my workout style. This statement sounds like something that would have excited me back in my hard core...
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    Poll: Tracking/recording your workouts/rotations ?

    I use pages on my iPhone. I make a simple monthly rotation then check it off day by day.
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    DVDs with Barre workouts.

    PoohPeggy, Do you happen to have the three Cathe DVDs that came with the FitTower? They’re easier than the advanced FitTower workouts but IMHO would be great for getting restarted with workouts.
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    Wrong forum sorry

    Put this in the wrong forum. Lannette
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    Firm Barbell, new Quick Release Collars

    Thanks Debinmi. The metal ends on both of my Firm barbells measures an inch. (The center is padded.) The original collars are easy on and off but they are not as “easy” as they once were. I don’t believe the ends are long enough to use two sets of the Cathe collars.
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    Firm Barbell, new Quick Release Collars

    Has anyone used the new Cathe Quick release collars to replace the collars on an old Firm barbell? Are they secure?
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    Not relevant

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    So glad Cathe doesn’t use kettlebells!

    LOL! I was just thinking that I wish she would do a KB workout. Done correctly your worries are unnecessary and you know anything Cathe does is done correctly. I’m not saying that KBs are better than traditional weight training. Just another fitness tool in the toolbox. I’d love to see Cathe’s...
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    About My New Workout Series

    You’ve got my attention! I’m really looking forward to this set! I so appreciate the fact that you still produce and sell DVDs for all of us who dwell in the boonies.
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    I’m loving the Boss Band & Loops Premixes

    Tried yet another premix and loved it. I’ve done the two UB split premixes, the standing loops and floor loops premixes. They were nicely balanced add-ons. I’m going to get a lot of use out of this set!