Our Biggest Sale! – Save Over $250!!!

Cathe Mega Boss Sale

Cathe's Mega Boss Sale ENDS 6-14-24

Take Advantage Now Of Our Mega Boss Sale and You Can Save More Than $250 - The More You Buy The More You Save!

Our Cathe Mega Boss Sale has now started. This is our biggest sale of the year and simply put, the more you buy the more you save. This is especially true of heavy items and oversized products like our barbells, foam rollers, and STS Dip Bars which will be back in stock in a few more weeks. If you've hesitated to buy these items because of the high shipping costs, make sure to take advantage of this sale as the coupons will in most cases more than cover the higher shipping costs.

IMPORTANT: there is a high probability that we sell out of our barbells and STS Dip Bars during this sale. So if you want these items make sure to order them ASAP as it will be at least three more months before these items are back in stock.

About Our Mega Boss Sale: As you can see from the coupons above we offer three different categories of savings based on how much you purchase.*

  • The first category (SAVE24) offers savings of 24% on any of our fitness products (no minimum purchase required). You can also use our quantity discounts which can be used on fitness products and DVDs.
  • Our SAVE40 coupon offers savings of 40% and can be used on any of our DVDs and fitness products when you buy at least $200 worth of DVDs and/or fitness products. This means you can save between $80 and $199.
  • Our SAVE50 coupon offers savings of 50% and can be used on any of our DVDs and fitness products when you buy at least $500 worth of DVDs and/or fitness products. This means you can save at least $250 or more.

And don't forget to order barbell weight sets and STS Dip Bars ASAP as these items will probably sell out and it will be at least another three months before they are back in stock.

*Cannot be combined with any other offer. Excludes Pre-Sale Items.

Cathe STS Pull-Up & Dip Bars

STS Pull-Up and Dip Bars

Cathe's STS Adjustable Workout Dip & Pull-Up Bars are now on a cargo ship and should arrive at the New York port by June 8th, and we expect to have them in stock soon after the ship arrives. If you want to take advantage of our Megs Boss Sale now (Our biggest sale of the year!!!), you can order now and we will ship your STS Dip & Pullup Bars just as soon as they are in stock. Supplies are limited and we do expect these to sell out quickly, so make sure to order these ASAP if you want them now. The next shipment will not arrive until Fall.

Save up to 50% On Any Current Cathe Downloads, Including 495 Cathe Live Workouts.

Once you download our digital downloads you can take them with you when you travel, go to the gym, or when you're on vacation without needing an internet connection. This is our best biggest and best sale we offer for our downloads, so stock up on your favorite Cathe Live and Cathe's premium workouts.*Excludes pre-sale

Get 40% off any of our current digital downloads on orders over $40* Use coupon code Boss40

Get 50% off any of our current digital downloads on orders over $200* Use coupon code Boss50

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