January 2023 Rotation

Cathe Friedrich

90FF35ED-8CB4-412F-850B-2BB682C87EB3.pngThe start of each new year gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate our fitness routines from the past and decide what we want to change and what we want to remain the same. For myself, I know that I need to make recovery and self-care an even bigger priority as I move forward in my fitness lifestyle. This means more mobility training, more flexibility training, and a greater emphasis on listening to what my body needs at any given moment. Stretching and recovery will play a larger role in our New Year’s rotation this year to help prepare you for STS 2.0 and the program’s emphasis on taking the necessary time to heal hard worked muscles. This doesn’t mean that we won’t work just as hard as we always have! It means that after we work hard, we put that same level of energy and focus into the recovery portion of our regimen! This rotation will re-visit favorite past series with some tough routines! Work hard, stay focused and enjoy those hard earned recoveries! Remember, on days when added stretches have been included, you don’t have to do the workout and additional stretch in one shot! You can do the stretch right after the workout or at a different point in the day that works for you! You’ve got this!

Week One
M XTrain Chest, Back, Shoulders
T Tabatacise plus Stretch Max routine 3
W XTrain Legs
T X10 Cardio Blast plus Perfect Flow Mobility
F Xtrain Bi’s and Tri’s
S Cardio Leg Blast plus Stretch Max routine 2
S OFF- Full Rest Day

Week Two
M PHA 3 plus Extended Lying Stretch
W Perfect Pump Upper Body
T X10 Hi/Lo plus Perfect Flow Yoga
F Step Sync
S Perfect Pump Lower Body plus Extended Stretch Bonus
S OFF- Full Rest Day

Week Three
M Total Body Giant Sets
T Cardio Slam plus Total Body Stretching with Ball 2
W X10 Low Impact plus Yoga Max
T PHA Training
F Cycle Sweat (or cardio of choice) plus Stretch Max routine 1
S Strong & Sweaty BootCamp
S Off- Full Rest Day

Week Four
M High Reps
T Cardio Supersets plus Total Body Stretching Basic
W X10 Fat Burning Circuit plus Yoga Relax
T Total Body Trisets Upper
F Intensity plus Total Body Stretching with Ball 1
S Total Body Trisets Lower
S Off- Full Rest Day
This is good stuff! I’m ready to try X10, High Reps, Total Body Trisets and Cardio Supersets!

On days when I’m short on time I might use the STS Extended stretch routine.
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Omgosh!!! High Reps had me shaking like a chihuahua…. Lol after shoulder work I was drinking my water and my arm was shaking legs too after the barbell lunges. It’s been a long time since doing this workout and definitely doing it again next week.
Intensity!!!! I haven’t done this workout since ‘19 and I had forgotten how great and tough it was.
when Cathe says we’re upping the intensity I was like “ what the heck we’ve been doing all this time” loved it. Hope it’s in February’s rotation

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