July 2021 Rotation

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone,

This month we will focus on body part specific heavy training days offset with a few different cardio types. Work hard, lift heavy and challenge yourself each week! As always, make sure to stay hydrated and get adequate rest! You’ve got this!


Mon: HiiT DVD-Pyramid workout

Tues: XTrain Bi’s and Tri’s

Wed: Lift it HiiT it Legs

Thurs: Low Impact Challenge

Fri: XTrain Chest Back Shoulders

Sat: Cardio Supersets

Sun: OFF or Perfect Flow of choice


Mon: Perfect HiiT High Impact

Tues: Lift it HiiT it Back Biceps Shoulders

Wed: XTrain Legs

Thurs: Rhythmic Step

Fri: Lift it HiiT it Chest Triceps Shoulders

Sat: Slide & Glide

Sun: OFF or Perfect Flow of choice


Mon: All Out Low Impact HiiT

Tues: Gym Styles Back Shoulders Biceps

Wed: Gym Styles Legs

Thurs: Kick Punch & Crunch

Fri: Gym Styles Chest & Triceps

Sat: Intensity Series BootCamp

Sun: OFF or Perfect Flow of choice


Mon: Perfect HiiT Low Impact

Tues: Slow & Heavy Triceps & Biceps

Wed: Slow & Heavy Legs

Thurs: Body Max 2

Fri: Slow & Heavy Chest & Back

Sat: Athletic Training

Sun: OFF or Perfect Flow of choice


Hi Cathe,

First of all I want to thank you for creating these monthly rotations for us.
I’m following this rotation and I’m on week 3 and normally whenever possible, I substitute the workout for a Cathe Live one, but on this one I decided the keep the workouts scheduled as is as I wanted to go heavier on weights, and let me tell you that Gym Style Legs has worked its charm! I did it yesterday and I’m still having difficulty walking and sitting!! Thank you for creating all these wonderful workouts that stand the test of time!
Also, can I make a small request for Cathe Live? Can we have a Step Class again?


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