Cathe’s November 2021 Workout Rotation

Cathe's November 2021 Workout Rotation


Hi Everyone,

Happy November.  This month ( November 2021 Workout Rotation ) we give thanks for many things, one of the most important of those things being our health. This month we will celebrate our strengths with four of my series, one different series each week.  There are a few “bonus” workouts mixed in so that no series workouts are repeated throughout the month. Weeks 1 and 3 have days that utilize split workouts that include both cardio and weights on the same day. If you feel like extra rest is needed at any point you can choose to split out these cardio/weight days or include an extra rest full day when needed.  If you are not a stepper please feel free to swap out the two-step routines in week three for shorter cardio routines of your choice before performing the weight sections listed.  Have fun everyone!

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Week 1

M …FitSplit Mixed Impact Cardio/ Pull Day

T …To the Mat Legs & Glutes

W… FitSplit Shred Cardio/ Push Day

T …Boss Bands Total Body

F… FitSplit Low Impact Cardio/ Metabolic Conditioning

S …Off

S …FitSplit Boxing BootCamp/ Legs & Glutes

Week 2

M …Perfect Pump Upper Body plus core

T… Perfect HiiT High Impact

W…Perfect Pump Lower Body

T…Perfect HiiT Low Impact

F… Body Weight & Bands

S… Off

S… Metabolic Blast

Week 3

M… 4DS Boot Camp plus Triceps/Biceps

T …Boss Loops Glutes & Core

W… 4DS Higher Intensity Step plus Chest/Back

T… Metabolic Total Body

F… 4DS Lower Intensity Step plus Shoulders


S… 4DS Kickbox plus legs

Week 4

M… RWH Back Biceps Shoulders

T… RWH HiiT Circuit Lower Body

W… RWH Chest Triceps Shoulders

T… RWH Plyo HiiT Two


S… RWH Lift it HiiT it Legs

S… RWH HiiT Circuit Upper Body

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