Cathe OnDemand Roku 3 Channel Instructions

Cathe OnDemand Roku 3 Channel Instructions

Cathe Roku Channel

How to Access Our Cathe Live  Channel on Your Roku

Our new Cathe Live Roku channel utilizes the latest Roku codebase and can be used on multiple Roku devices. To get our Cathe Live app on your Roku first log in to your Roku account on your computer. Then just click on the following link and follow the Roku instructions: DHPLJGV

Lastly, on your Roku scroll until you see our Cathe Live app and select it.  Log in using the same user name and password you use in all of our apps and to log in to your streaming account on our site.

*Currently the Cathe Live app is missing about 19 videos, but we will add these once we determine the workouts we missed. Also, new Cathe Live workouts will take longer to appear on Roku ( usually a few days to a week later) than they do on our other apps, but once IBM makes some improvements to their API this will no longer be an issue. We hope everyone is excited to watch Cathe Live on their Roku and if you’re not a subscriber make sure to take advantage of our 7 Day Free Trial at:

How to Access Our OnDemand Channel on Your Roku 3+

We’re working on our new Cathe OnDemand app which will use the latest Roku codebase and will be a huge improvement over our current channel. But for now you will still need to do the following steps to add Cathe OnDemand to your Roku ( currently only 1 device allowed. We will allow multiple devices once our new OnDemand channel launches)

If you have a Roku 3+* or newer device and would like to view Cathe’s OnDemand channel on it, first make sure that you have an active Cathe OnDemand subscription by going to, then follow these steps:

• Go to this URL on your computer’s web browser: You will be required to log in to your Roku account that you created when you first registered your device with them. After logging in, click on the link that appears to install the Cathe OnDemand channel.

• It normally takes about 24 hours for the channel to appear on your Roku 3, but if you’d like to speed that up, go to Settings > System > System Restart on your device—which will reboot it—after which Cathe OnDemand will appear at the bottom of your channel list.

• Launch the Cathe OnDemand app on your Roku 3, and you will be given a code/token to activate your device. Again, go to and enter the code at the bottom of your account page where indicated, and click on “Submit.” Pay close attention to ones and capital letter I’s (the ones have a serif at the top), and zeroes and capital letter O’s (the zero is more oval, the O is more round).

• You should then be able to click on “Proceed” and then “Start” on your Roku, then get ready to get busy with Cathe!

*Our OnDemand videos have only been tested on Roku 3 devices (although Roku will let you install the channel on older/lower model devices—there is no way for us to control this). Older Roku devices may not work correctly because of their inability to decode high quality HD video reliably.

About Our New Roku Channel

Currently, the interface for our channel on Roku is very basic. You currently have to search for videos by first finding the series name, then viewing the videos available under it. Videos that don’t have a series name are listed under “Other.” We’re now going to turn our attention to finishing our online Workout Blender, but we will eventually double back and improve the interface and functionality of our Roku Channel.

Let us know if you were successful in accessing our new channel and likewise let us know of any problems.

30 thoughts on “Cathe OnDemand Roku 3 Channel Instructions

  1. I have 2 Roku Tvs and a roku device. I activated my account on one TV, but the tv in my gym, with the actual roku device, I cant link to my on demand account. The tokens aren’t being accepted by my on demand account. How do can i add all my Tvs to my on demand account? Why will it only except one? And if will only accept one TV, how do I change the token to the TV I actually workout in front of?

  2. I’ve got everything linked properly but so far none of the videos are working for me. They don’t load when I click on the video title. I don’t know yet if it’s because my Roku is older or if there is something else wrong. I will try another Roku and see if that makes a difference. I’m really looking forward to getting everything set though. Even though I own quite a few of the videos already, this will be a lot easier once it is working as it should. Any advice on how to move forward will be welcomed.

  3. I have the same issue that Tanya has. I have downloaded the app and have linked it to my account. I can navigate to all the videos but when i click on any of them it acts like to going to start to load but then quickly goes back to the selection screen.

  4. I have an old Roku device, a requirement of my ISP. It didn’t work at first and kept reloading. I called my ISP and they said I needed to increase my internet streaming capacity, adding another $20 a month. Cathe on Demand is expensive, especially given the $8 a month for streaming services like Netlflix and Hulu. I’ll try it for a couple of months but may go back to my DVDs due to the extra $40 a month I’m paying to use it.

  5. I am also using an older Roku, I believe it is a version 2. Roku 3 won’t work with my older non-HD television. Please let us know if using the older version is a problem and if there any options to work around. Like Cheryl, I have many of the DVD sets, but was hoping this would be a better option for accessing the content for monthly rotations.

  6. We’ve only tested on a Roku 3. All of our video files are in HD 720p format. So I would think you would have issues, but can’t say for sure as we haven’t tested on an older Roku.

  7. I’ve been unable to access OnDemand on my Roku 3 device. Currently, I have Cathe Live, which may explain why I kept getting error messages telling my subscription was invalid (I did get the message from Cathe’s site that I had successfully linked my account). I went ahead and deleted the program icon from my Roku channel selections, but now I’m no longer able to locate it. The latter may be a Roku issue, but if I am able to access and re-link to Cathe OnDemand, will I be able to access Cathe Live videos if I’ve opted for that subscription only or is that an option that is not yet available to subscribers (and, if so, will it be available at some point down the road?) Thanks!

  8. Roku on Demand is a little disappointing – you can’t really jump forward if there is one exercise that you want to skip and if you fastforward you can’t see where to stop in order to start with the next exercise.
    Since Cathe live is only available to watch on my computer ( I don’t have a smart TV in my workout room) I can’t really use it since my laptop screen is way too small. Unless Cathe live videos will be uploaded to on Demand I will cancel my subscription and go back to working out with DVDs.

  9. You don’t need a smart TV to watch on the big screen. Roku has its limitations and using a computer linked to any TV is a better option in my opinion. A simple HDMI cable from your lap top to your TV is all that is needed. Or you can use Chromecast or Apple TV. All of these options will give you the ability to instantly go to the chapter you want to use.

  10. Hi Cathe, we just bought a Roku II yesterday and followed your instructions and it went very smoothly, and within a couple minutes we were able to watch one of the videos for a few minutes just to see how it works.

  11. Once I worked through the kinks it works great! I don’t know if I can afford to keep it year round but it is awesome to have access to EVERYTHING!

  12. Dear Cathe

    I run a ladies fitness facility & I am very interested in running your fitness dvds on demand service. I currently have a projector & a screen available and an internet connection is there a way through the Roko box we can successfully run your programs at the gym.
    laila lallas

  13. I signed up for the Cathe Live feed. I really like it so far. I use it on days I don’t go to the gym. They don’t have classes I like there every day so on those days I work out with Cathe. This works great, I just hook up my Kindle to my TV and go thru the URL. Thanks so much for offering this streaming service.

  14. I have Cathe On Demand streaming on my Roku 4. I also have a Roku TV. I have the channel loaded, but it asks me to enter the code from the Roku TV screen. When I enter it it says the account is already linked. When I press proceed it tells me that my account was not successfully linked. Can you only stream on 1 device?

  15. So I am considering a subscription. I have a Roku 4, and Roku sticks. Does this work on the Sticks or only on the Roku box. I may have to swap my equipment around if the stick won’t work.

  16. I see that there is Cathe Live for Roku. When I try to link it. It just give me Cathe On Demand. Is there a step I am missing?

    Thank you,


  17. I have Cathe OnDemand on Roku and I love it!! I only get her DVDS and not her Cathe Live Workouts. I love that I get all her DVD workouts because I can do her monthly rotations. I just press on Cathe App on the Roku and there they are. I press on the one I want and there Cathe is. It is so great! I don’t have to buy the DVDs and I don’t have to worry if the DVD is going to skip. I love that Cathe I on demand because the DVDs sometimes skip and get ruined, but the Roku never does. It is so awesome. Highly recommend it! Also, if you want to just try a workout or watch one. It is awesome! Way to go CATHE!!!

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