Get My Free User’s Guides For My Exercise Video Series

Get My Free User’s Guides For My Exercise Video Series

(Last Updated On: October 25, 2020)

Get your free Cathe User's Guides for her workout video series

The following is a complete list of our User’s Guides for most of Cathe’s Workout series. All User’s Guides come with several workout rotations, detail chapter information, workout times, Premix details, equipment needed, weights Cathe uses, workout cards and a Quick Start guide to help you get started.

Free User’s Guides

Perfect30 Free User’s Guide: | Click Here |
STEP BOSS Free User’s Guide: | Click Here |
LITE Free User’s Guide: | Click Here |
Fit Split Free User’s Guide: | Free eBook |
Fit Tower Free User’s Guide: | Free eBook |
Strong & Sweaty Free User’s Guide: | Free eBook |
ICE Series Free User’s Guide: | Free eBook |
Ripped With HiiT Series Free User’s Guide: | Free eBook |

*User’s Guides Available For Purchase

XTrain Series User’s Guide: | Hard Copy Purchase | | E-Book Purchase |
STS Series User’s Guide: | Hard Copy Purchase | | E-Book Purchase |


OnDemand QuickSelect ™

Note: If you’re an OnDemand subscriber make sure you’re logged into your account and then just click on the links in the monthly workout rotations in every User’s Guide eBook to instantly launch and view your video.

30 thoughts on “Get My Free User’s Guides For My Exercise Video Series

  1. I’ve been tryin g to cancel my membership. I even googled how to cancel, but I can’t find how to cancel. Please advise.

  2. I was wondering if you had user guides for the Body Blast series, Intensity series, Slow and Heavy series and Rhythmic Step?

  3. Hi I am interested in the LITE series! I am a long time Cathe fan. One thing I’ve always appreciated is being able preview the video first. Is there someplace it can be viewed that I’m missing?



  4. Monique: I too was looking for a Low Impact User Guide. Thought I’d let you know that I did find a “Low Impact” rotation by Cathe in the Workout Manager that you can add to a calendar.

  5. Looking for the online user guide rotation calendar for the new lights low impact training extreme series I just received the DVDs and would like a Calendar of a workout schedule thank you

  6. Ellen, in the newsletter Cathe stated that they will not release the user guide, which comes with the Calendar and workout schedule, until the new workouts are available On Demand. This will happen next week. Hopefully, like with previous user guides, Cathe will also include workout schedules that mixes in some of her other sets. Cathe will also likely come up with a schedule down the road to post on the forun that incorporates more workouts to mix and match with LITE. Hope this helps.

  7. Penny, the user guide will be online only. It will be available sometime this week, between 1/14/2019 and 1/18/2019.

  8. It’s disappointing to get the new lite series and then not find the free user guide or have one included in the series when they arrive

  9. This was posted on the Cathe forums this past Wednesday

    “There are four rotations included with the LITE User’s Guide and yes there is a rotation using LITE and ICE, but it’s a 30-day rotation as are all of the rotations:

    LITE User’s Guide Rotations

    LITE Exclusively

    LITE w/ICE

    LITE w/Ripped W/HiiT


    We hope to finish the User’s Guide this week, but we will have to see how things go.”

  10. I own just about every Cathe DVD made prior to 2018, and I know I purchased digital versions of them as well but never learned how to use the Blender. Does my huge investment in your DVDs grandfarher me in somehow to membership without having to pay again? If not, how can I take what I already have and use it on my phone or tablet?

  11. Hi, I am happy to have received my Perfect 30 DVDs. How do I find the User’s Guide? It’s not posted in the User Guide section of the website…

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