Cathe FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Contacting Cathe Customer Service



I have a problem. How can I get help?

If you have a problem with an order or our streaming service you can contact our customer service department at [email protected]. Also, our forums are a great place to give and receive valuable information, exercise tips, or even join in on some discussions: https://cathe.com/forum

How Long does it take for Cathe customer service to respond?

Our customer service department is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. eastern time (excluding holidays). We try to answer most questions ASAP, but please allow one to two business days to receive a response.

I contacted customer service, but nobody ever contacted me back.

We always respond to every inquiring we receive. We use a ticketing system that records and keeps track of every customer service inquiry. When you first contact us you will receive an automatic response from our ticketing system with your ticket number for your inquiry. If you don’t receive this auto response it means we either didn’t receive your email or more than likely our response is in your junk, clutter or spam folder.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cathe OnDemand and Cathe Live



I just signed up for your streaming service (Cathe OnDemand or Cathe Live). How do I login to view the videos?

Just go to https://cathe.com/stream/my-account/ and log in using the username and password you selected when you signed up. Usually your username is everything to the left of the @ in your email address.

How can I subscribe to Cathe OnDemand or Cathe Live?

First, if you sign up for Cathe OnDemand you will get Cathe Live automatically included for free. To sign up for Cathe OnDemand or just Cathe Live go to https://cathe.com/ondemand_subscribe/ and select the membership plan you prefer.

What apps are available for Cathe Live and OnDemand?

We have currently released 11 apps for our streaming service with 1 more apps currently in production.

Apps Available Now:
  • Cathe OnDemand iOS for iPhones, iPads, and iPods
  • Cathe OnDemand tvOS for AppleTV
  • Cathe OnDemand Android
  • Cathe OnDemand Fire (Tablet Only)
  • Cathe OnDemand Roku (use Roku vanity code RV9VR59)
  • Cathe Live iOS for iPhones, iPads, and iPods
  • Cathe Live tvOS for AppleTV
  • Cathe Live Android
  • Cathe OnDemand Fire TV
  • Cathe Live Roku (use Roku vanity code DHPLJGV)
  • Cathe Live Fire TV
Apps In Development:
  • Cathe Live Fire (Tablet Only)

Can I only view Cathe Live during the live broadcasts?

No, all Cathe Live broadcasts are recorded and archived so that you can watch them whenever you like just like our OnDemand videos.

What is the difference between Cathe Downloads and Cathe OnDemand?

Download our Cathe exercise videos and save them to your computer’s hard drive and then if you prefer sync them to your smart phone or mobile device. Since you don’t need access to the internet after you have downloaded your videos this makes it easy to take your Cathe workout downloads to the Gym or wherever you travel. All of our digital downloads contain the same “chapter menu” points as our exercise DVDs and OnDemand streaming service, however, they don’t contain premixes. The main advantage of downloads is you don’t need internet access, except when you initially download them, to use them. However, they don’t contain premixes like our OnDemand streaming service offers and you will need to store each video file you purchase on your computer’s hard drive. Each file will take up about 1 GB of space.

With our OnDemand streaming service all of the video files stay on our server, so you don’t have to worry about storing large video files on your computer’s hard drive. You also get access to our entire video library, not just the downloads you purchased, and you get Cathe Live for Free as well as over 2400+ Premixes and the ability to create your own premixes with our online Workout Blender. You also get Cathe’s newest releases at no extra charge.

How Can I Change my Cathe Live or Cathe OnDemand Subscription Payment Information?

You can change your payment information for your Cathe Live or OnDemand subscription at anytime after signing in by clicking the “My Account” link at https://cathe.com/stream/. Then select view button in Recent Orders. Then select the view button again in “related subscriptions” and then select the “change payment method” button and fill in the information for PayPal or your new credit card.

How Can I Cancel my Cathe Live or Cathe OnDemand Subscription?

You can cancel your Cathe Live or OnDemand subscription at anytime after signing in by clicking the “My Account” link at https://cathe.com/stream/. Then select view button in Recent Orders. Then select the view button again in “related subscriptions” and then select the cancel button.

Need help installing our apps on Roku?

Click here for detailed instructions on installing Cathe Live or Cathe OnDemand on your Roku device.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our DVDs



How can I get Free shipping on my exercise DVD order?

We ship all DVD orders over $50 (after any coupons) for free worldwide by USPS.

Will Cathe workout DVDs play in my country?

Yes, our DVDs will play in all regions no matter where you live.

Do you offer coupons?

Yes, you can find a complete list of our current discount coupons at https://cathe.com/coupons/

What are Daily Deals and where can I find them?

Every day we offer a special price on some of our DVDs on our Daily Deal page. Prices are good that day only and end promptly at midnight eastern time. Don’t forget you can also use our Discount Coupons for additional savings on all of our “Daily Deals”. You can take advantage of our Daily Deals at: http://shop.cathe.com/dealoftheday.asp

What is a DVD Workout Premix?

On most of our DVDs we include Premixes. A Premix is simply a script we include on your DVD that that allows us to take the DVD chapters and arrange them in a different order or eliminate them entirely. Hence, this allows us to shorten a workout by removing certain chapters or lengthen a workout by using certain chapters more than once. This also allows to make premixes where we scramble the order of the exercises giving the workout routine a fresh and different feeling. Premixes are great for those of you that need shorter workouts or are looking to increase the intensity of the workout routine by increasing its length. We also sometimes remove high impact exercises in routine making the same high impact workout doable for those seeking low impact workouts. By having more options Premixes help you to keep from being bored and improve results by challenging your body in different ways.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Workout Blender



What is the Workout Blender?

Our Workout Blender technology puts you in charge of your workouts and makes it possible for you to create unlimited custom workouts from any of Cathe’s OnDemand videos. As long as you’re an OnDemand subscriber you can shorten or lengthen any workout. You can eliminate or substitute one exercise for another. You can make the workout exactly how you want it to be! For example, you may want to substitute a high impact move with a low impact exercise, or perhaps you hate lunges and would prefer to do step ups. The Workout Blender is the only program that makes all of this easy, fast and simple to do, even for the computer novice.

In just a few minutes you can mix segments from as many Cathe OnDemand videos as you like to create your own custom workout. Unlike a DVD, you’re not restricted to doing just the premixes we give you on a single disc!

We have developed our new Workout Blender to be an easy-to-use online application for computers (macOS & Windows). In addition to your computer screen, your workout can be viewed on your television by using a cable, Apple TV, or Chromecast. Your custom workouts can also be played on your iPad, tablet, and most mobile devices using our apps. However, you can only create workouts on a computer with this release of the Workout Blender.

How Can I learn to use the Workout Blender

We’ve made two video tutorials that will teach even a computer novice how to easily use the Workout Blender:

  • Tutorial #1 will show you how to use all of the basic functions in the Workout Blender.
  • Tutorial #2 will teach you how to share your workout creations with others as well as to easily import your fellow Cathlete workout mixes.

Can I use the Workout Blender on my iPad, tablet or mobile phone?

The Workout Blender is designed for computers and is not designed for touchscreens. Hence you need to create Workout Blender workouts on your computer. You can then view any workouts you create or have downloaded from others using our iOS, tvOS and Android Apps.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Downloads



How To Order Our Downloads

Click here to order Cathe downloads.

How big are the download files?

Most Cathe Download video files are about 1 GB in size, so make sure you have enough hard disc space to handle the downloads you purchase.

Do Cathe Downloads contain the same exercise Premixes as the DVDs and OnDemand service?

No, our downloads don’t contain any Premixes like you find on our DVDs or OnDemand streaming service.

Can you burn a DVD from the download files?

No, our video files are formatted as m4v files and are not made nor permitted to be burned to a DVD.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Cathe Road Trips



When is the next Cathe Road Trip?

Due to the pandemic, we do not have any Road Trips scheduled so far for 2021. We look forward to seeing everyone again once we are able to hold one!

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