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yo-yo dieting

Weight Cycling and Yo-Yo Dieting is Bad for Your Health: Here’s Why

Yo-yo dieting isn’t healthy or sustainable, and it doesn’t lead to long-term weight control. Studies even show it can cause health problems, such as gallstones, reduced immunity, self-esteem issues, and places added stress on the heart. Find out more about the dangers of yo-yo dieting to lose weight, and why you should avoid it.

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Cathe FRiedrich demonstrates an exercise using her Boss Loop that van help fix a glute Imbalance

What Does It Mean to Have a Glute Imbalance?

There’s lots of emphasis on glute training these days, and for good reason. Strong glutes are important for athletic performance, functional fitness, and lower the risk of back pain. But what if you have a glute imbalance? Here’s what that is and why it happens.

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Healthy Foods

5 Healthy Foods You Shouldn’t Overeat  

You might think that the more of a healthy food you eat the better, but that’s not the case for every food. Certain foods can have negative effects on your body if you consume too much. More isn’t always better when it comes to these “healthy” foods.

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Superagers and brain health

How Superagers Defy Brain Aging

People lose brainpower as they age. But what if there is a sub-age category of people who get smarter, or at least don’t lose brain power, as they age? These are the superagers, and their brains keep functioning at a high level, even in the latter decades of life.

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