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6 Powerful Reasons to Squat More

Squats are an all-around great exercise and one that builds strength and muscle size. However, these aren’t the only reason to do this exercise. Here are five compelling reasons you should squat more.

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Sugar & weight gain

5 Ways Science Shows That Sugar Causes Weight Gain

Ask most experts and they’ll tell you that a diet high in sugar contributes to obesity and weight gain. But have you ever wondered why? Read on and discover five ways a diet rich in ultra-processed carbohydrates and sugary fare makes it harder to control your weight.

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Risk of Zinc Deficiency

These 5 Factors Increase the Risk of Zinc Deficiency

Zinc is a mineral your body needs for a healthy immune system, wound healing, fertility, and more. The average person can get enough zinc through diet. However, some people are at higher risk of zinc deficiency. Here are five factors that increase the risk of being deficient in zinc.

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