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5 Types of Low-Impact Workouts

Many of the most popular workouts are high impact in nature. High-impact exercise is where both feet leave the floor at the same time. Examples are running, sprinting, and any training that involves jumping. High-impact exercise boosts your heart rate fast since you’re working the sizeable muscle groups in your…

7 Ways to Improve Your Squat

There’s a reason so many people squat! It’s a basic, functional movement that you do every day when you lower your body to the ground to pick something up. We need to be strong and flexible to do those daily moves! Plus, few exercises are as effective at sculpting a…

Is Sprouted Protein Powder Healthier?

Protein, fats, and carbohydrates are the three macronutrients your body needs for energy and optimal health. Carbohydrates and fat supply energy while your body only uses a small amount of protein as a fuel source except under stressful conditions such as excessive exercise or starvation. Still, protein is a critical…
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