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Since our company was founded in 1988 our goal has always been to bring you the same quality and intensity health club workout our gym members enjoy into the privacy of your own home. We have done this through the years first through VHS tapes and then our DVDs. Now we bring you the newest way to workout with Cathe – Cathe Live!

With Cathe Live you get to see and experience Cathe in the same way our gym members do – unrehearsed, unscripted and little to no editing.

Now you too can work out with Cathe almost every week at her Gym no matter where you live! All broadcasts are recorded and may be viewed whenever you like 24/7.

It only costs $9.97 per month to subscribe to Cathe Live and and if you upgrade to our new OnDemand network for $19.97 per month you will get unlimited access to all of our 270+ premium videos that you see on our DVDs – Plus you will get Cathe Live for Free!

Make sure to keep checking back as new tutorials will be added every few weeks. | Tutorials |

If you’re not sure if your computer or device  and modem are good enough to stream our videos just click on our test site to find out. | Test Your System |

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