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What Is HiiT?
What Is HiiT?

Fitness crazes come and go, but one trend that seems to be enjoying some long-term life in gyms and personal training sessions is high-intensity interval training, also known as HiiT, high-intensity intermittent exercise (HiiE) and sprint interval training (SIT). It’s not for everyone, but it has the potential to kick your fitness level and fat loss up significantly.

Read More Hormonal Imbalances Make It More Difficult to Maintain Weight Loss
Hormonal Imbalances Make It More Difficult to Maintain Weight Loss

You lose weight and then you gain it back. Yo-yoing up and down can be frustrating. Why is it so hard to maintain your weight once you’ve lost it? New research is shedding light on this issue. Turns out your hormones may be the problem, especially hormones that control appetite. Are Your Hormones Making It […]

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  • Success Story Spotlight

    Michelle Prenger's after Pic
    Cathe helps me kick AS!

    I have been exercising with Cathe Videos for over 15 years. They helped me get back into shape after my two pregnancies. What I did not realize for many years was that regular exercising was also helping me manage my auto immune diseases.

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  • Healthy Recipe Spotlight

    Paleo Granola by jdimascio
    Paleo Granola

    Grain free granola or cereal

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Success Stories

  • My transformation! by Kbltater2
    My transformation! by Kbltater2

    Back in the early 1990′s, I used to be a gym rat, and stumbled across Cathe’s workout Videos and said, “this girl is great!”. I maintained a steady workout routine for many years until I got laid off in 2005. I found another job a few months later, but with the pressures of a new […]

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  • Getting My Life Back!!!! by Missy Tompkins
    Getting My Life Back!!!! by Missy Tompkins

    I have been dieting on and off for many years. I joined gym after gym, bought product after product with no results. But this past November, my life changed. I stressed to my husband how important losing weight and getting back to “me” was. I was starting to have health problems and I just was […]

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  • How the Low Impact Series Got Me Back on My Feet by Heather
    How the Low Impact Series Got Me Back on My Feet by Heather

    This fall, I caught a cold. It turned into a sinus infection that rapidly progressed into a nasty case of bronchitis. From January to September, I had faithfully been using Cathe workouts including Athletic Step, Butts and Gutts, Hiit, and a variety of shock cardio workouts that included blast elements. In nine months, I lost […]

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  • A Big Warm & Fuzzy Group Hug To All Of Our 2014 Chicago Cathe Road Trippers
    Thank You!

    Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for making this one of the most fantastic Road Trips ever!!!!

    By now most of you are back home and settled into your daily routines and quite possibly experiencing what I refer to as “post Road Trip blues.” You left here on such a high after meeting and making so many friends who share a common bond with a love for fitness. Friends who “embrace the challenge” and actually get why you love to “work work” so hard. Friends who completely understand why you would want to race on the plane or into a car and do Cathe workouts all weekend long. A group who totally gets why your suitcase is busting at the seams with colorful shoes, spandex and KIND bars.

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  • Cathe's April 2014 Workout Roatation
    Cathe’s April 2014 Workout Rotation

    With April about to begin, many of us who don’t live in warmer climate states year round are realizing that it is almost time to permanently switch our wardrobe to short sleeves, shorts and fun dresses. Did a little panic just set in reading that? Lol No worries…I got it covered. This month will focus on getting great definition and fat loss.

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  • Lost Cathe’s Chapters on Your iPhone?
    Lost Cathe’s Chapters on Your iPhone?

    When Apple released iOS 7 last year, the ability to use chapters in Cathe’s downloadable videos seemed to have disappeared. While partially true, there is an easy solution to re-enable the use of chapters. For some reason, Apple decided to classify any non-iTunes movies as “Home Movies” in iOS 7, and also disabled the use of chapters for home movies. To fix this, you need to go back into iTunes to instruct the video player to see Cathe’s workouts as regular movies again. Here is the step-by-step guide for accomplishing tha

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