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Here's What's New at Cathe

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For over thirty years Cathe has been known for producing the highest quality workout and fitness exercise videos and DVDs, and along the way, we built one of the friendliest and most supportive communities in the fitness industry.

We offer one of the largest privately held fitness libraries in the world with over 600 fun and challenging workout videos and DVDs to help you get the results you are looking for.

Our workout DVDs are not only known for their effectiveness but also their outstanding chapter menus and/or workout premixes that give you more control and workout options than other exercise DVDs.

The links below can help you get help from our staff and the Cathlete community and help you plan your workouts and get the motivation you need to reach your fitness goals. And don’t forget to check out our fitness Blog with over 4000 articles on fitness, nutrition, weight loss, and health.


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If you need help or advice make sure to reach out to our Cathlete community in our discussion forums and Facebook Page, or contact our customer service team  (M-F: 9 am – 5 pm eastern).

Join the fun and join our friendly community today and start building that body you always wanted and become a Cathlete!


Featured Cathe Products

Cathe's STS 2.0 Muscle & Recovery - 25 Workouts For Only $7.20 each*

STS 2.0: Muscle & Recovery will guide you through three challenging phases, each with their own individual formatting and training techniques to help you build strength and muscle. STS 2.0 also includes a collection of recovery workouts to give you multiple options to help your hard-worked muscles recover.

STS 2.0 is a 15-DVD discount bundle (all DVDs in one case). It includes a total of 25 workouts: 13 strength training workouts, 8 recovery workouts, and 4 ab routines.

STS 2.0 is now in stock!  Order now for only $7.20 per workout!

Stay hydrated with Cathe’s half-gallon water bottles and insulated carry sleeves. Featuring fun and motivational “Cathe-ism” time markers, the bottles are the perfect companions to encourage you to “drink, drink!” The Cathe insulated carry sleeves feature a carry strap to transport your half-gallon Cathe bottle over your shoulder.

Step out in Cathe style with fun and functional Cathe Socks! These high-quality fitness socks feature cushion under the foot and heel with a supportive arch band to keep you comfortable through all your workouts. They are available in three fashionable styles: Cathe Says, Cathe Non-Slip Grip Socks, and Cathe Heel Tab Training Socks.

The Cathe STS Steel Barbell and Vinyl Weight Sets include everything you need to start adding barbell work into your fitness routine. You can purchase a complete barbell set (includes weights and barbell) or the Cathe STS barbell and weight plates separately.

Now you can perform exercises such as dips, assisted dips, pull-ups, inverted rows, and more in the comfort of your home.

Due to high demand Cathe’s STS Adjustable Workout Dip & Pull-Up Bars are sold out. We’re currently manufacturing more units, but it will not be until probably late summer that they will be back in stock. Make sure to click on the ” email me” link on our product page at ( shopcathe ) to be notified when the bars are available again.

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Home allergy culprits
Cathe Friedrich

Breathe Easy: 7 Unexpected Indoor Allergy Culprits Lurking in Your Home

Are allergies making your life indoors a sniffly mess? Brace yourself, because it’s not just outdoor pollen causing trouble. Your cozy haven might be harboring unexpected allergy triggers that can leave you sneezing, congested, and teary-eyed. Let’s dive deep into these surprising irritants that could be sabotaging your comfort.

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Mindfulness Eating
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5 Mindfulness Exercises for a Healthier Relationship with Food

Discover the art of mindful eating with five transformative exercises that can reshape your relationship with food. From savoring each bite to distinguishing genuine hunger from cravings, these practices can lead to healthier eating habits, greater appreciation for nourishment, and a more profound connection between mind and body.

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Fall asleep faster
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7 Ways to Fall Asleep Faster If You’re Feeling Stressed and Anxious

Do you struggle to fall asleep most nights? It’s a frustrating problem that too many people deal with. Let’s look at science-backed ways to bring about a peaceful slumber, from pre-bedtime relaxation techniques and the comfort of a weighted blanket to the guidance of sleep apps and the calming influence of a warm bath.

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Cathe Friedrich working her posterior chain during her STS 2.0 workout program
Cathe Friedrich

Why Your Posterior Chain Is Weak and How to Correct It

Discover the hidden concern in fitness – a weak posterior chain. Neglecting these backside muscles can lead to imbalances, weakness, and increased injury risk. Strengthen your posterior chain with targeted exercises like deadlifts and glute bridges, and improve balance and overall performance.

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