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Is Bean and Lentil Pasta Healthy?

Who doesn’t enjoy a steaming plate of pasta with tomato sauce? Unfortunately, the tomato sauce is the healthiest thing about a bowl of pasta. Most pasta noodles are made from semolina flour, derived from durum wheat. Because it’s refined, the standard box of pasta you buy at the supermarket is…

Are All Nut Butters Healthy?

There’s nothing nutty about loving nut butter! They’re a nutrient-dense option when you’re in a hurry. These days, you can find a variety of nut butters on store shelves, a far cry from the limited selection you had decades ago. If you shopped for nut butter in the past, you…

Does Exercise Slow Tendon Aging?

One reason we strength train is to reduce the loss of muscle tissue that occurs with aging. Research shows that working muscles against resistance and increasing the resistance over time slows age-related muscle loss. Even if you don’t start until later in life, studies show you can build strength and…