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ICE User’s Guide

Welcome to the online “ICE’ User’s Guide with 6 workout rotations you can select from! Click on the link below to download your FREE ICE User’s Guide and get started on your fitness program.

Download the Users Guide (PDF)


10 thoughts on “ICE

  1. I am super excited about the RWH + ICE rotation! RWH is the series that convinced me to preorder ICE, because when I finished the 30-day RWH rotation, I felt exhausted and sore (but accomplished and great at the same time!). Next, I tried RWH + LIS, but that did not use any of the high-impact workouts from RWH, which are the ones I wanted to improve at.

    Now with this RWH + ICE option, I see exactly what I was hoping for: mixing in the difficult high-impact routines from RWH but alternating with the ICE options. I feel sure this will help me get to two risers on Plyo HIIT and Lower Body Circuit!

    Thanks so much,

  2. For some reason this wants to open in
    WORD instead of as a PDF document and if it opens in WORD it gets all messed up. Is anyone else having this issue?

  3. Cathe, as a long time Beachbody user, I never thought that I would try anything other and products from Beachbody. Well, I’ve ordered the ICE DVD’s and now have On Demand, and have downloaded the ICE manual. I have looked it over and can’t wait to try everything! You thought this program out well and all of the mixes with other programs make it exciting and I know I’m not going to be bored! Thank you for making such and outstanding program!

    A New Convert!

  4. I got my preorder ICE dvds right before my Christmas travel plans. Now I’m on fire to get home and use them! Typical experience… dvds came in a nice case perfect condition ready to be used. I want to try RWH/ICE rotation but I do love cathe January rotations (oh what to do?!).

  5. Thanks Cathe!!! I’m new to all this technology. I’m excited to start the New Year with these workouts. I have about 25 of your DVDs and I use them regularly. LOVE them all!!!

  6. I was wondering where you ordered those fab fitness outfits from?
    Love your DVD’s – especially the pre-mix options as the workouts never get boring! For those that think its not advanced enough (as more aimed at intermediate level) you could always add more weight! Yowza!!!

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