Download the Fit Tower Advanced User’s Guide

Download the Fit Tower Advanced User’s Guide

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2017)

Fit Tower Advanced User’s Guide

Welcome to the online Fit Tower Advanced User’s Guide with 3 workout rotations you can select from! Click on the link below to download your FREE Fit Tower Advanced User’s Guide and get started on your fitness program.


Download the Users Guide (PDF)


4 thoughts on “Download the Fit Tower Advanced User’s Guide

  1. Let me know what i have to do to get the download. Really want the tower but feel its a bit high for my wallet. Sad Face!!!

  2. I do not see the,fit tower that will support the bar with weights. I have the dvd that shows workout but using the fit tower to rest the bar on . This was while using the bench. I thought it was a blue tower system…

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