May 2020 Rotation

Cathe Friedrich

May 2020 Rotation

Hi Everyone! This month you’ll shock your metabolism with a wide variety of older, newer, longer, shorter, higher intensity and lower intensity workouts. Get ready to work hard & sweat hard. Stay safe and healthy everybody!


Mon: All Out Low Impact Hiit

Tues: Strong and Sweaty Boot Camp

Wed: RWH Plyo Hiit One Plus Icy Core One

Thurs: Muscle Max

Fri: RWH Plyo Hiit Two

Sat: Body Weight & Bands

Sun: Off


Mon: Kick Max

Tues: Lean Legs & Abs

Wed: IMAX 4

Thurs: LIS Trisets Upper Body

Fri: Cardio Core Circuit

Sat: PHA 3

Sun: Off


Mon: Metabolic Total Body

Tues: Cardio Party

Wed: Step Sync

Thurs: Pyramid Pump Upper Body

Fri: Rock’m Sock’m

Sat: Pyramid Pump Lower Body

Sun: Off


Mon: Low Impact Sweat Plus Icy Core Two

Tues: Chiseled Lower Body

Wed: Party Rockin Step Workout Two

Thurs: Body Blast Series Push Pull

Fri: Chiseled Upper Body

Sat: Tabatacise

Sun: Off


I am in Week 3 of the May 2020 rotation. Loving it. I am confused Thurs: is Pyramid Pump Upper Body. In the workout manager the Intensity Series: Pyramid Upper Body is showing up. Same for the lower body on Saturday in the workout manager the Intensity Series: Pyramid Lower Body is listed Pyramid Pump Lower Body. Is it the Lite Pyramid Pump or the Intensity Series?

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