Cathe’s November 2020 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s November 2020 Workout Rotation

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2020)

Cathe's November 2020 Workout Rotation

Hi Everyone, this month ( November 2020 Workout Rotation ) we’ll focus on getting that internal fire burning with mixed cardio and total bodyweight training! There are two days during the month where I’ve doubled up both an upper and a lower body routine on the same day. If this is too much for you feel free to omit one of the routines or replace both with a weight workout of your choice!  As always, take extra rest days if needed! Listen to your body, stay hydrated, and work on crushing your goals!

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Week 1

M Perfect HiiT High Impact

T  PHA Training

W Rev’d Up Rumble

T Perfect HiiT Low Impact

F  STS Total Body

S Cycle Sweat or cardio of choice

S Perfect Flow Mobility or off


Week 2

M Plyo HiiT One

T  PHA 2

W Rock’m Sock’m Kickbox

T  All out Low Impact HiiT

F  Total Body Giant Sets

S Ride or cardio of choice

S Perfect Flow Yoga or off


Week 3

M High-Intensity Interval Training- Pyramid

T  PHA 3

W HardStrikes

T RWH Low Impact HiiT One

F Perfect Pump Upper & Lower

S CycleMax or cardio of choice

S YogaMax or off


Week 4

M Plyo HiiT Two

T  PHA Training

W Rockout Knockout

T RWH Low Impact HiiT Two

F Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper & Lower

S Pedal Power or cardio of choice

S Yoga Relax or off

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