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Cathe's September 2020 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s September 2020 Workout Rotation

This month (September 2020 Workout Rotationwe) has a solid mix of weight work and cardio from four different series. Each week we will stay within one series with workouts arranged to successfully hit both strength and cardio goals. Please take extra breaks as needed and drink plenty of water! You’ve got this! 

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Cathe's August 2020 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s August 2020 Workout Rotation

This month ( August 2020 Workout Rotation) we’ll focus on alternating weight and cardio challenges to keep our muscles pumped and our endurance up. Add an additional rest day if needed at any point throughout the month! Remember, eat well, stay hydrated (especially in these hot summer months) and try to get adequate amounts of sleep so that your hard-working muscles can fully recover!  You can do this!

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Cathe's July 2020 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s July 2020 Workout Rotation

Hi Everyone! I hope you’re all feeling strong and healthy! This month (July 2020 workout rotation) we’ll continue to sweat and work on our cardio, strength, and endurance training! With a mix of cardio intensities and different weight lifting approaches throughout the month, we’ll keep our muscles firing! Remember to drink plenty of water and be sure to take extra rest days when needed!

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Cathe's June 2020 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s June 2020 Workout Rotation

My June 2020 workout rotation is a tough one with a solid mix of cardio, heavy weights, and total body workouts! Each week there is one day where a double workout is listed. For those of you that want the extra challenge, you can choose to do both! If that’s too much for you, you can choose the upper or lower body option on that day! Take an extra rest day each week if needed and get plenty of water during and after your workout! Stay strong Cathletes! We’re in this together!

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Cathe's May 2020 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s May 2020 Workout Rotation

My May 2020 Workout Rotation you’ll shock your metabolism with a wide variety of older, newer, longer, shorter, higher intensity, and lower intensity workouts.  Get ready to work hard & sweat hard.  Stay safe and healthy everybody!

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Cathe's April 2020 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s April 2020 Workout Rotation

 This month we’ll push ourselves a little harder with a weekly combination of Hiit, weights and kickboxing.  Get focused and get ready to work hard.  Drink lots of water, eat well, stay healthy and most importantly stay home whenever possible!

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Cathe's March 2020 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s March 2020 Workout Rotation

  Hi Everyone! This month’s March 2020 Workout Rotation has a mish-mosh of past favorites covering a variety of total body strength and cardio conditioning workouts to keep your routine fun and challenging!  As always, take extra rest days as needed and fuel your body properly so that it can perform at it’s best!   

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Cathe's February 2020 Workout Rotation 

Cathe’s February 2020 Workout Rotation 

This month ( February 2020 Workout Rotation ) we’ll hit those muscles hard with a focus on heavy strength routines using two favorite series, Gym Styles and Slow & Heavy! We’ll mix in a variety of cardio routines to break up the days of weight training to burn some extra calories and keep building our cardio endurance. Be sure to fuel your hard-worked muscles with healthy meals including high-quality proteins. Drink plenty of water and take extra rest days if necessary! We’ve got this! 

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Cathe's December 2019 workout rotation

Cathe’s December 2019 Workout Rotation

We have now entered the holiday “nibbling” season so let’s take on a rotation that focuses a bit more on cardio mixed with weight to keep the calorie burn high! Although the month of December is often filled with a long holiday “to-do” list, try your best to stick with your workout routine to help keep your stress low and your energy high! Get plenty of water and take an extra rest day if your body needs it! Stay strong and have fun!

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Cathe's November 2019 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s November 2019 Workout Rotation

Hi Everyone!  The November 2019 workout rotation focuses on strength.  In between your strength days, you’ll insert solid cardio.  Grab a protein shake after each lift for greater benefits.  Also (as always) eat clean, drink extra water and sleep soundly!  

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October 2019 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s October 2019 Workout Rotation

This month’s October 2019 workout rotation will be focused on metabolic, total body and cardio routines to fire up our muscles and metabolism!  Be sure to take extra rest days if needed and get plenty of water! Your “off” day can be moved to any day within the rotation if you’re feeling sore or are in need of extra recovery! 

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