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Cathe's July 2023 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s July 2023 Workout Rotation

Hi Everyone!  Summer is here and for many of us, that means more cookouts, sweet treats, and beach days! This month (July 2023 Workout Rotation) to counterbalance our summer festivities, we’ll alternate weightlifting days with cardio days to keep our muscles pumped and those extra calories burning! As always, take more recovery days whenever needed and stay hydrated!  Happy Summer, Cathletes!

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Cathe's June 2023 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s June 2023 Workout Rotation

This month ( June 2023 Workout Rotation ) we’ll keep our muscles challenged with a variety of strength training methods. A couple of cardio days have been included each week, along with a recovery workout to help restore length and flexibility to your hard-worked muscles.

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Cathe's May 2023 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s May 2023 Workout Rotation

Hi Everyone!  This month (May 2023 Workout Rotation) we’ll alternate between cardio and weight workouts. Each week the types of cardio and weight training will vary to keep your mind and your muscles focused and working at their best! Feel free to move your rest day or add additional rest days if your body needs it! Grab your equipment and let’s go! 

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Cathe's April 2023 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s April 2023 Workout Rotation

Hi Everyone!  This April 2023 Workout Rotation is full of fit and no fools, lol.  Each week we’ll revisit some older workouts as we dive into split workouts, total body muscle endurance workouts, and a couple of solid cardio workouts!  I bet you’re waiting for me to say April Fools, but instead, I’m saying April Fit!!!  Let’s get busy!  

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Cathe's March 2023 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s March 2023 Workout Rotation

Hi Everyone! This month (March 2023 Workout Rotation) we’ll challenge our strength and endurance with an intense mix of cardio and weight training plus an extra splash of core! Work hard, eat well and as always,  listen to your body! You’ve got this!

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Cathe's January 2023 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s January 2023 Workout Rotation

Stretching and recovery will play a larger role in my January 2023 Workout Rotation this year to help prepare you for STS 2.0 and the program’s emphasis on taking the necessary time to heal hard-worked muscles. This doesn’t mean that we won’t work just as hard as we always have! It means that after we work hard, we put that same level of energy and focus into the recovery portion of our regimen!

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Cathe October 2022 Workout Rotation

Cathe October 2022 Workout Rotation

This month ( October 2022 Workout Rotation ) we’ll put a little extra focus on the lower body by hitting the legs and glutes hard twice each week. One of the two lower body workouts will be heavyweight driven and the other will be more plyometric in nature while still also focusing on moderate to heavy weights.

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Cathe September 2022 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s September 2022 Workout Rotation

This month (September 2022 Workout Rotati0n) we’ll focus on strength and cardio endurance with a mix of weight days and some higher-intensity cardio routines. Both the upper and lower body will be hit twice each week, once on consecutive days, and as a total body workout later in the week. Mix that with fat-burning, muscle-shaping cardio and you’ll earn yourself some great results! Take extra rest as needed and fuel your body to support your workout schedule! Don’t forget to have fun!

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Cathe's August 2022 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s August 2022 Workout Rotation

This month (August 2022 Workout Rotation) we’ll challenge our hearts and muscles with a mix of circuits, cardio, and moderate to heavy weight training days. This month’s rotation includes a bit of extra cardio flare to get us sweaty and offset those extra summer treats… wink! Stay hydrated, rest as needed, and most importantly, have fun! You’ve got this! 

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