Cathe’s December 2023 Workout Rotation

Cathe's December 2023 Workout Rotation
It’s December Catheletes, a month that is often jam-packed with holiday to-do lists, and gatherings with family and friends. Sometimes the hustle and bustle can make us feel a bit frazzled and can make finding time for our workouts a bit more challenging.
This month( December 2023 Workout Rotation) we’ll hit a bit of everything to keep our bodies moving, but we’ll also take some extra time away from the intensity so our bodies can heal. Each week you’ll notice one slightly kinder workout mixed in, as well as an off day and a recovery workout day. This will enable you to give your all on the tougher days and still have time and energy for everything else you have to get done this month!  The off and recovery days are back to back on the weekend to keep your weekends free for festivities but feel free to move one or both to fit your schedule from week to week.  Sleep well, eat well, stay hydrated, and as always, have fun…and maybe even a few holiday cookies too 😋!  Happy Holidays!

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Week 1

M Athletic Training
T To The Mat Legs & Glutes
W Cycle Sweat (or cardio or choice)
T Chiseled Upper Body
F Chiseled Lower Body Blast
S Perfect Flow Yoga Strength & Flexibility

Week 2
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