Cathe’s December 2020 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s December 2020 Workout Rotation

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2020)

Cathe's December 2020 Workout Rotation


Hi Everyone!  This month we’ll focus on building strength and burning fat with split workouts.  All of your weight workouts will be done as split workouts instead of doing total body weight routines.   You’ll also have a variety of cardio to shake things up and keep your metabolism rev’d up!  This holiday season let’s really focus on keeping ourselves healthy and strong!

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Mon…Fit Split Boxing Bootcamp/Legs


​Wed…Fit Split Low Impact Cardio/Metabolic Conditioning

​Thurs…RIDE (or solid cardio of choice)

​Fri…. Fit Split Mixed Impact Cardio/Pull Day

​Sat…Fit Split Shred Cardio/Push Day



​Mon…RWH Low Impact HiiT One

​Tues… RWH Lift it Hit It Back, Biceps, Shoulders

Wed….Rockout Knockout

​Thurs… RWH Lift it Hiit it Legs

​Fri… RWH Plyo HiiT One

​Sat…RWH Lift it Hit It Chest, Triceps, Shoulders



​Mon…4DS High Intensity Step/ Chest and Back

Tues…Pedal Power (or solid cardio of choice)

Wed…4DS Lower Intensity Step/shoulders & core


Fri…4DS Boot Camp plus Bi’s and Tri’s

​Sat…4DS Kickbox plus Legs and Core



Mon…Gym Style Back, Biceps & Shoulders


​Wed…Gym Style Legs

​Thurs….Imax 3

​Fri….Gym Style Chest and Triceps

​Sat….Low Max

​Sun …off

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