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Cathe’s April 2010 Rotation


Hi Everyone! This month we will shock our systems with a combination heavy weight training workouts from STS Meso 3 and the Gym Style Workouts. Notice the body part grouping change between the two series…that is a good thing to promote muscle confusion. Cardio and abs will also be done on the other days as […]

Cathe’s February 2010 Rotation


Hi Everyone! Here is a tough, time efficient, four week rotation that makes good use of 50 minutes or less per workout (except for one day per week where you shock your body and do a double shot session…insert evil witch laugh, heeee heee hee heeeee). This rotation alternates weights and cardio. Don’t forget to eat […]

STS Strength and Cardio Rotation


Happy New Year Everyone! The following three month rotation is designed to get you into the best shape of your life. This rotation is safe, effective and based on scientific studies to bring you maximal results. If you prefer, you may opt to do a double cardio session on any given day, however, this is […]

October 2009 Rotation


Hi Everyone! This month we are going to do an undulating STS rotation. This rotation is designed for ultimate muscle confusion. It is an advanced rotation and is only suggested if you are an avid and seasoned weightlifter (ie: been lifting for at least 6 months to a year). If you are not a seasoned […]