Cathe’s April 2017 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s April 2017 Workout Rotation

(Last Updated On: July 9, 2018)

Cathe's 2017 Workout Rotation

No rotation this month…..April Fool’s!  LOL!!!

This month is a complete mishmosh of various series.  Get soaked and sweaty with classic favorites from series past!

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Monday …. Ripped w/Hiit …Plyo Hiit One

Tuesday …4DS Boot Camp in its entirety

Wednesday ..XTrain Chest Back & Shoulders

Thursday …Pure Strength Legs & Abs

Friday …Cycle Sweat (or solid cardio of choice)

Saturday …Muscle Max

Sunday….Yoga Max



Monday…. Ripped w/Hiit ..Low Impact Hiit One

Tuesday… 4DS Lower Intensity Step in its entirety

Wednesday …XTrain Bi’s & Tri’s plus Ab Circuits weights & plates

Thursday … RIDE (or any solid cardio of choice

Friday …Slow & Heavy…Chest, Back & Planks

Saturday ….Cardio Kicks

Sunday…Yoga Max



Monday.. Ripped w/Hiit ..Plyo Hiit Two

Tuesday  4DS (cardio only) Kickbox

Wednesday ..XTrain …Legs

Thursday …Pyramid Upper Body

Friday …Party Rockin Step One

Saturday …Muscle Endurance

Sunday…Yoga Relax



Monday ..Ripped w/Hiit ..Low Impact Hiit Two

Tuesday 4DS Higher Intensity Step (Cardio Only)

Wednesday ….XTrain..Supercuts

Thursday … Pyramid Lower Body

Friday …Cardio Core Circuit

Saturday …Pedal Power (or solid Cardio of choice)

Sunday…Yoga Relax

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