Cathe’s June 2017 Summer Kickoff Workout Rotation

Cathe’s June 2017 Summer Kickoff Workout Rotation

(Last Updated On: July 9, 2018)


Cathe's June 2017 Summer Kickoff Workout Rotation

June 2017 Summer Kickoff Rotation….Hi Everyone! Get ready to make a splash this summer with the following sweaty line up.  Each week you’ll hit straight up cardio as well as solid lower body focus, solid upper body focus, circuits and core!  Great variety, great calorie burn, great results!  Let’s get summer ready!


Mon…All Out Low Impact Hiit


Wed…Cardio Slam

Thurs….Super Cuts

Fri….Lower Body Blast
Sat….Hiit Circuit Upper Body plus ICY Core Two (from ICE series)

Sun… OFF


Mon…After Burn

Tues…Total Body Giant Sets

Wed…Cardio Super Sets

Thurs….Athletic Training

Fri….Legs and Glutes (Body Blast series)
Sat….Ramped Up Upper Body plus Icy Core One (from ICE series)

Sun… OFF


Mon…IMAX 2

Tues…Total Body Trisets (Total Body Pemix)

Wed…Cycle Sweat or Solid cardio of your choice

Thurs….Low Impact Circuit

Fri….Pyramid Lower Body
Sat….Pyramid Upper Body (RWH Bonus Abs One)

Sun… OFF



Tues…STS Total Body

Wed…Low Impact Sweat

Thurs…. Circuit Blast

Fri….Cardio Leg Blast
Sat….Chiseled Upper Body (RWH Bonus Abs Two)

Sun… OFF

5 thoughts on “Cathe’s June 2017 Summer Kickoff Workout Rotation

  1. Is the first week Saturday workout Hiit Circuit Upper Body from Ripped series or Chiseled Upper Body from Ice?

  2. The link (for Cathe on Demand accounts) goes to the Ripped with Hiit video for the main workout. The ab workout is from ICE.

  3. Thank you! I’m lame. That makes total sense. I don’t have on demand and when I click on the link it won’t take me to the workout.

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