Cathe’s December 2016 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s December 2016 Workout Rotation

(Last Updated On: July 9, 2018)

Cathe's December 2016 Workout Rotation


Hi Everyone!  As we close out 2016 let’s work hard on this versatile rotation.  Each week has a challenging fitness focus which includes hiit training, cardio, upper body, lower body, total body & core.  A little extra cardio focus this month due to the extra holiday feasting.  Eat as wisely as possible when your able to and always drink extra water each day!   Happy Holidays!

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Monday:  Hiit..30/ Ab circuits stability ball

Tuesday:  Muscle Max

Wednesday:  Party Rockin Step 1

Thursday:  Cardio Leg Blast

Friday: Solid cardio of your choice

Saturday: ICE: Chiseled Upper Body

Sunday: Off



Monday: Hiit 40/20…plus Ab circuits Pilates based

Tuesday: Muscle Endurance

Wednesday: Rhythmic Step

Thursday: Ripped With HiiT Hiit Circuit Lower Body Workout

Friday: Solid cardio of choice

Saturday: Pyramid Upper Body

Sunday: Off



Monday: Hiit double wave plus Ab circuits Yoga based

Tuesday: Power Hour

Wednesday:  Party Rockin Step 2

Thursday: ICE: Chiseled Lower Body Blast

Friday: Solid cardio of choice

Saturday: Xtrain Burn Sets Upper Body Premix

Sunday: Off



Monday: IMAX 2 plus Ab circuits No Equipment

Tuesday:  Flex Train

Wednesday:  Step Moves

Thursday: Ripped With HiiT: Lift It Hiit It Legs

Friday: Solid cardio of choice

Saturday:  STS Total Body (Upper Body only premix)

Sunday: Off

2 thoughts on “Cathe’s December 2016 Workout Rotation

  1. This looks great! I have most of these, but could you offer subs for: Power Hour, Flex Train, Muscle Endurance and Step Moves? Maybe Super Cuts for Flex Train, STS total body for Power Hour or Muscle Endurance and any step for step moves, maybe step blast or IMAX 2?


  2. Can anybody tell me why not all the streaming pre-mixes work under the Workout Blender? Very frustrating and I have emailed about it with no response.

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