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Cathe's May 2014 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s May 2014 Workout Rotation


This May 2014 rotation is all about shaking it up with shock training. Doing multiple types of workouts with various frequency, length duration & intensity. The goal is to keep your body from adapting to the “fitness chaos” its experiencing this month. Expect your metabolism to catapult, your fitness level to be taken to a […]

Cathe's New Video October Rotation

Cathe’s New Video October Rotation


Now that you have your new 2013 DVD workouts, let’s combine them with popular favorites such as Cross Fire, To The Max and our Xtrain series, for the ultimate fitness scrambler. This month expect to incinerate body fat, break stubborn fitness plateaus, and create lean and strong shapely muscles….are you ready???? Let’s Do It!