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My Journey by Melissa

My Journey by Melissa

After some prodding from my dear husband and fit friends, I decided to give this success story process a try.
I have struggled with my weight since childhood. I am not quite sure why, but I don’t spend a lot of time trying to figure that out. Most of my family is either obese or diabetic or both. Over the years, I have resisted falling into these horrible health traps because I have intimately been aware of what damage they cause to the body. I have been fairly successful, but I have always struggled with body image. Although I have never been considered obese, I have never been fully satisfied with my shape.

I had to put that as a title because I FINALLY feel like the real me!

FINALLY! by Lisa C

I had to put that as a title because I FINALLY feel like the real me! I’ve been an exercise enthusiast for most of my life-love exercise. But I just couldn’t seem to lose weight these past few years. It was frustrating-because it was always the same thing-I’d start losing-then I would be stuck at […]

The Road to Healing by Marcy

In November of last year, I began noticing pain in my elbow. Unfortunately the pain grew and eventually I was diagnosed with tennis elbow. My doctor recommended rest and avoiding any activity that would irritate it. This was very discouraging as I would have to stop doing weight-bearing exercises. I really enjoy working out and […]