Complete Health Thanks to Cathe and Her Crew by Karen

Complete Health Thanks to Cathe and Her Crew by Karen

As I approach my 30th birthday this February my husband recently told me he thinks I look stronger and better than I did when we met 11 years ago. For the first time in my life I could acknowledge to my husband and myself that I agree with him. I could actually say the words, “Thank you” instead of arguing that he was wrong. Thanks to Cathe and her passion I have discovered and maintained true strength, health, and confidence in my life.
A few days before my youngest son’s first birthday I began having constant heartburn, nausea and abdominal pain. I was unable to eat anything without it making me sick. I was living on a liquid diet and was losing weight. After a year of doctors visits and tests that revealed everything was normal I finally went to see a specialist. Within a month they discovered that I had gastroparesis and my stomach was not emptying on its own. I struggled with anorexia through high school and college and my doctor believes this is the cause of the gastroparesis. The solution was medications and a low fat, low fiber diet. I was unable to eat any fresh fruit or vegetables or whole grains. I was used to eating a healthy, balanced diet and found this to be a true challenge. After living for a year with gastroparesis I found myself getting sick frequently and having low energy levels. I was exercising using multiple different at home dvds. My doctor said strengthening my core and walking would help my stomach empty. I was trying my best to control my health through fitness since I could not control it through my diet. Despite my best efforts I was still struggling.
A year after being diagnosed with gastroparesis I faced another challenge. I was furiously cleaning the house two days before Thanksgiving as my parents were coming for the holiday. I started to feel incredibly tired and achy. I developed a fever of nearly 105 degrees and went to the ER. I was diagnoses with Toxic Shock Syndrome and spent three days in the hospital. At that point in my life I was underweight and if I was truly honest with myself, quite depressed.
I continued to get sick and was unable to take care of my two sons. My youngest has a genetic disorder and I was struggling to be able to care for him. As he continued to get older and bigger I knew at some point I wasn’t going to be able to carry him out of the store if he decided he wasn’t going to cooperate that day. I was not strong enough and did not have the endurance. I was also spending more time sick in bed than time making memories with my two boys. I knew I needed a change and that’s when I found Cathe.
I decided to get back into step aerobics since this was something I had enjoyed through high school and college. I ordered a step and it came with Cathe’s basic step and cardio and weights video. I loved working out with Cathe and her crew the first time I tried the video. I remember thinking I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to follow the steps in her cardio and weights dvd, but it looked like so much fun I had to try. I now own most of her step dvds and the dvds with more intricate choreography are my absolute favorites. The time flies by because I am having so much fun with Cathe and her workout crew. Instead of feeling like I have to work out, I find myself wanting to work out because I finally am getting results and enjoy Cathe and her workouts so much. I have recently begun using Cathe’s workout rotation and find myself doing her HIIT, kickboxing, and boot camp dvds and loving those as well. Cathe has a true passion for health and fitness and i t clearly shows.
Because of Cathe and her passion I have regained my strength, emotional health and quality time with my two boys. Her workouts have helped my gastroparesis symptoms immensely. I can now eat some fruits and vegetables and my core is the strongest it has ever been. I don’t struggle with nausea, abdominal pain and heartburn as much since working out helps my stomach empty faster. Because of Cathe I have the physical and emotional health I craved all these years. I can spend quality time with my boys and teach them the importance of good health. I can finally say to my husband “thank you” when he tells me I look strong. I feel satisfied and complete. I truly believe I will be working out with Cathe and only Cathe for the rest of my life. Thanks Cathe for giving me my health, family time and confidence back!

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