Success Story Spotlight: My Dream Becomes a Reality by Keila Smith

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Keila Smith’s Success Story

My fitness journey with Cathe started in 2005. I weighed almost 250 pounds. I had tried fad diets, different workout DVDs, and even gym memberships. It seemed nothing worked and I didn’t stick with any of them. Then one day, I skeptically purchased a step aerobics kit. It came with the step, hand weights, band, and stability ball and an instructional Cathe DVD set. I had never heard of Cathe but I purchased the kit anyway.

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When I first attempted the workout I could not complete the beginner DVD. Day after day I would workout. Cathe became my motivator and inspiration! I would set goals for myself to get further each day, even if only a minute more. From there I set goals of moving on into intermediate workouts and then on to goals of completing advanced workouts.
I now have almost all of Cathe’s DVDs. She’s still with me after all these years driving me to new fitness levels. I had a dream of one day attending a Road Trip. This would be an opportunity for me to exercise along side the person I attribute my success. I would have the opportunity to meet my role model and thank her personally for all of the motivation and inspiration she has given me. Well, guess what? That dream is now a reality! I will be attending my first Road Trip in October! I couldn’t be more excited! I believe I am equally nervous!
Keila Smith Success Story Before PicCathe and her workouts are now a part of my daily life. I would have never imagined that one purchase of a step aerobics kit could be so life altering. That purchase introduced me to Cathe Friedrich and she ignited a fire inside me I did not know I possessed. That fire is still burning just as bright! Thank you, Cathe!

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