Success Story: Stay Healthy: You Never Know What Will Be Required Of You by Brandee

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My success story is a little different than the typical story. My journey with Cathe began 10 years ago after the birth of my second child. I would record her workouts from Fit TV, onto my VCR and do them while my kids napped. I was immediately and permanently hooked. Working out with Cathe helped get my body into great condition. I felt fantastic, ran marathons for fun, and people often commented on my great arms, or legs.

Fast forward to September of 2014; while lying in bed, I noticed a bump in my lower abdomen. I called my doctor’s office and they suggested an ultrasound. When the tech put the Doppler on me, the “mass” was so large that no one could tell where it was attached because we couldn’t see anything; the mass took up the entire space. After a couple of doctor visits, some blood tests, and CT scan and an MRI I was booked for surgery. According to the information we had, it appeared to be a benign growth which would be removed in surgery; however, should it be malignant we discussed what would happen, organs that would be removed, ect.

On October 27th I went into surgery and had removed a cancerous tumor the size of a football. I was 37 years old with absolutely no risk factors. Six weeks later, I started chemotherapy for treatment of Brandee's success story before picovarian cancer. I did 12 weeks of chemo. During this time I lost 27 pounds, all of my hair, and the ability to do fine motor skills due to nerve damage in my fingers. I risked irreversible lung damage and kidney damage due to the drugs. Now remember I was at a healthy weight and in great shape when this whole thing started. Needless to say at this point I was sick, tired, weak, and just trying to make it through the day. I couldn’t clean my house, cook dinner for my kids, walk my dog, attend my kids school parties; I was only able to lay on the couch and go to my chemo appointments.

I had my last treatment in March of 2015, and had a great conversation with my oncologist. He said he was impressed that I was able to “fly” through this very intense treatment period without any complications. My body was able to tolerate the drugs, and the side effects amazingly well because of my level of fitness; due mostly to the amount of muscle my body had. I never had to have a treatment delayed, and while I felt terrible, my blood work and exams always came back great (considering I was in the middle of chemo).

If it had not been for my workouts centered around Cathe’s fun, hard, fantastic weight workouts, my body would not have had the muscle it needed to tolerate the drugs, and then rebuild itself when treatment was finished.

I have checkups every 3 months and so far, I’m still cancer free!!! I’m even more determined now to keep my body in top notch condition, not only because I look good and feel strong, but because being healthy allows my body to function more efficiently. I’ve always told my kids to “do hard things” because it’s good for you. Take the hard class in school, push yourself physically, and step outside your comfort zone. If you make the choice to do hard things; when you HAVE to do something hard you’ll know what you’re capable of. I choose to do Cathe’s workouts because their hard and they challenge me, and they show me what I’m capable of; not to mention her workouts are fun, and keep me in great shape. I know that Cathe’s workouts will help me to stay in good health; even as I age…..because I told my kids I plan on living to be 100, staying active the whole time.

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