Breast Cancer Only Made Me Stronger by Yvette M.

Breast Cancer Only Made Me Stronger by Yvette M.

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2014)

Breast Cancer Only Made Me Stonger

I have followed Cathe since she was on Fit TV. Fitness and healthy eating have always been priorities in my life. I taught kickboxing for over 6 years and I enjoy helping people reach their fitness goals. A year and a half ago I found a lump in my left breast and was diagnosed with breast cancer. A week later I had a single mastectomy. Three days later I was rushed into emergency surgery because I was bleeding internally.

After my 2nd surgery I was told that the cancer had not spread into my lymph nodes so I did not have to have chemo or radiation but I would have to take tamoxifen, an estrogen blocker for 5 years. I started reconstruction journey 3 months later and had my right side removed and expanders put in. I had to go for weekly fills for my expanders and everything was going good until I developed a serious staph infection. I was put in the hospital for 6 days with an IV of strong antibiotics and then sent home with a pic line for another week. Thank goodness my infection cleared up.

I had my implant surgery this past April. In between my surgeries I would try to rebuild my strength through exercise. I would start to get fit again and then back into surgery I went. Let’s just say after having 4 surgeries and a bad infection within a year and a half it was getting pretty difficult to stay positive but I did. We all have hurdles in life. You can choose to let them absorb you or you can conquer them. I chose to conquer and now I am back to working out 5 days a week and feeling like a champ.

Breast cancer does not discriminate and the percentage of women getting diagnosed is climbing. Self examinations can save your life! If you find a lump get it checked immediately. I know it’s scary but if it’s caught early it can save your life

8 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Only Made Me Stronger by Yvette M.

  1. God bless you, Yvette!!! I’m sitting here in a neck brace while I read your story. I’ve been so depressed because I have a spinal injury and now a pretty traumatic neck injury. I want to work out sooo bad!!! As a disabled RN, I know the trauma that you went through. Saw a lot of that, but if you went through that, and got back on your feet, then I KNOW somehow, I can do it too!! Thank you for sharing your story. It is just what I needed to hear.

  2. What a beautiful story…I lost my mom to breast Cancer when she was only 43..I took care of from the time she had her first Mastectomy to her death was 18 months…I applaud you Yvette as you are strong and I am crying as I write this…You are a true inspiration to many women…I am going to put this on my timeline and a group timeline…Thank You so much for sharing this truly inspirational story…God Bless you!!!

  3. Lynnie,
    Your response brought tears to my eyes. I am so very sorry for your loss. 43 year old is just way too young. I’m sure your mother was one incredible woman because she raised one amazing daughter.

  4. This is a wonderful story and it makes me stay the course because I have no excuse. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story of how you refused to quit!.

  5. Hi Yvette — Your story is such an inspiration – thank you for sharing it and for reminding us that we can always make the choice to stay positive. Hugs! Christina

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