Turning 50 by Linda Russo


Turning 50 by Linda Russo

This is not some great weight loss success story, my story is more about staying fit as I age. I always hated exercise in my younger years, but as I started aging I did not like the direction my body was heading in. I had no energy from lack of exercise and from hypothyroidism. At age 41 I decided it was time to take charge and get myself fit and healthy.

I am so grateful to have found Cathe 8 years ago, not only has she kept me motivated throughout the years with her amazing DVD collection but she inspires me every single day to be able to reach my goals!

I’m turning the dreaded 50 this year, and being hypothyroid there are so many days I don’t feel like working out, but I pop Cathe into my player and am immediately motivated, seeing how energetic and how amazing Cathe and crew look is very inspiring to me! I have much more stamina now than I had in my 20’s, not to mention how much muscle I have gained!

I have become friends with so many amazing Cathletes who are extremely supportive and such an inspiration to me! I hope to get to a road trip soon to meet them all in person!

I own just about every DVD Cathe has put out! From the very early ones to the very latest, they never get old. I am absolutely loving the ICE series right now, this may be my new fav., but I say that about every series she comes out with.

Even though my upcoming birthday is quite intimidating, I know that if I stick with Cathe I will fight the aging process every step of the way! After all age is just a number! Thank you Cathe for being you!!!!!

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