Postpartum Journey by Tarra

Postpartum journey by Tarra

I had exercised with Cathe in the past as I have a lot of her dvds. When she came out with the Xtrain program I decided to start the program in April of 2013. Just a few short weeks later I discovered I was pregnant with my second child. Although we were so excited to welcome another little one, I was so worried about being able to get back my pre-pregnancy body for the second time, especially with everyone warning how much harder it would be the second time around. But I kept on working out while I was pregnant. I missing very few workouts, even during the first 3 months when the pregnancy really got me down. I continued to do Xtrain but with modifications and also did the elliptical and lots of walking, right up until delivery.

We welcomed out little girl on 12/23/13 so my postpartum journey began in January. At 5 weeks post, my dr released me to begin exercise again. I went right back to Xtrain, again with modifications at first, and then added flex training, afterburn, and others into the mix. I also started running again. Its not easy finding the time but health and fitness is important to me so I make time even if that means getting up while its still dark to get my workout in before everyone else in the house is awake.

At this point I am almost 9 months postpartum and within 3 lbs of where I was pre-pregnancy. My before picutre is at about 5 weeks post and my after picture was taken about a month ago (8 months post). As they say it takes 9 months to gain it and it will take 9 months to lose it. Thanks to Cathe and her videos I was able to lose it and get my pre-pregnancy body back once again!

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