Success Story Spotlight: Success Thanks to Cathe by Jeanne

Success Story Spotlight by Jeanne

Hello, I am 45-year-old full-time legal assistant. I have suffered from a movement disorder my entire life. It has taken me years to get my symptoms under control. But, with determination and a little (okay A LOT) of help from Cathe, my health issues have not kept me from being in the best shape of my life.

I use Cathe workouts almost daily. I belonged to a gym for while, but decided that the convenience of working out at home along with Cathe’s challenging and always interesting workouts are a better fit for me and the physique I want to maintain.

Almost two years ago, I had bilateral bunion surgery, which left me couch-bound and in a wheelchair for over six weeks. My weight ballooned to 190 pounds (I am 5’8″). I used Cathe workouts religiously

Jeanne's before Pic
Jeanne’s before Pic

and maintained a good, healthy diet (lots of spinach!) to get my weight down. Last January, I was still at least 160 pounds with about 27% body fat. I knew I could do better than that and am now maintaining 145 pounds or less and am at about 13% body fat.

People can not believe that I am 45-years-old. I am constantly being encouraged to “compete on stage”. Although I am a bit too shy to do that, I love hearing it. It never gets old.

I am very happy with my physique, quality of life, and health, even though my movement disorder creates a constant challenge. A lot of people with my disorder give up on themselves and staying fit. But, with Cathe, I look forward to my early morning workouts and will even squeeze in a post-workday workout when I get home, occasionally.

I thank Cathe for giving us quality, challenging workouts with tons of variety and always being a step ahead, technologically, with things like On Demand and Cathe Live.

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