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My husband and I have been married for 14 years and we have 6 kids, our oldest being 12 and the youngest being 3. Both of us have had a really hard time losing weight and sticking to a consistent diet.

mrouse621 Before Picture
mrouse621 Before Picture

After going to the doctor both of us found out that we needed to lose weight due to health issues. I was talking to my cousin about my trip to the doctor and she introduced me to Weight Watchers. She said that I could gain all the information I needed about food and fix my dinners accordingly. This was a bit of a challenge because preparing meals for a large family is really expensive already, but doing it in a healthier manner would cost even more. But we had to weigh out the cost with our (even our kids’) health, so we started making a great deal of changes.

We have a son that has Type 1 Diabetes so we were able to teach not only him about glucose and insulin but also the rest of the kids. Weight Watchers encourages exercising and so I began my step aerobics video that had been sitting in my closet. We had the video from Cathe, The Step: Basic Step and Cardio and Weights. It took me about 4 weeks to move to the Cardio and Weights from the Basic Step but I began to work out more and more.

mrouse621 After Picture
mrouse621 After Picture

When my husband would get off work we would take all of the kids (double stroller and all) for a 3 mile walk around our neighborhood. After we would complete our family walks my husband would go back out and jog another 4 miles. We did this about 4 times a week because we wanted this to become a lifestyle for us not a diet program.

Our meals were some of the same foods we have grown to love but we modify how they are prepared. We only buy red potatoes instead of regular ones. We buy more fruits and veggies in place of chips and candy. We also purchased a Nutri Bullet that we use each and every day.

My husband lost 35 pounds and I lost 25 in about an 8 month time frame. We have purchased 4 more Cathe step aerobic videos and also another step so that my husband and I can step together. With Weight Watchers teaching me about food and the videos that we have, we will have success for a long time. We have called Cathe Friedrich our very own personal trainer. 🙂


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