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Cathe’s August 2012 Rotation

By Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! *This month we will do an undulating rotation that varies from light weight to heavy weight, circuit workouts to Hiit workouts etc. *Your body will work hard to keep up with its “confused” muscles. *Good nutrition seals the deal so make that happen too! *Have “fun”!   WEEK ONE Mon…Low Impact Circuit Tues…Low […]

Cathe’s June 2012 Rotation

By Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! This month is about combination training. We will hit the weights heavier on certain weeks, lighter on other weeks, do more low impact on a given week and higher impact on another. Plus have some metabolic workouts in there to really keep the metabolism raved. Along with clean eating, sufficient water intake and […]

Cathe’s April 2012 Rotation

By Cathe Friedrich

This month is Sloppy Joe month. We are going to eat until we drop. APRIL FOOLS!!! Ok, you saw that coming but now sink your teeth into this……This month’s rotationcontinues to cross train with variety in types of workouts, lengths of workouts, intensities of workouts and frequency of workouts. Expect to lose body fat and […]

Cathe’s December 2011 Rotation

By Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! I know this is a huge ongoing month of festivities but lets also keep our health a high priority on our “to do” list. This month we are shocking our systems by mixing high impact with low impact workouts and also combining muscular strength with muscular endurance workouts. I have factored in additional […]

Low Impact Series and STS Combined Rotation

By Cathe Friedrich

This one month program is the ultimate shock training combination, and when coupled with an overall very clean diet, will give you amazing results. Some highlights of this rotation: No Boredom/Endless Variety, Plateau Buster, Metabolic Enhancing (afterburn) Effects, Cross Training Benefits, Exceptional Deep Core Development, Functional Training and Classic Weight Lifting Benefits, Better Posture Awareness, […]

November 2011 Rotation

By Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! Get a jump and pump start on those tempting treats. Here is a great circuit rotation that mixes heavy and light training to keep your metabolism rev’d up and your muscles on fire at a time when extra food starts making its way into the picture. Eat well, work hard and stay focused! […]