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Happy July 4th!

Our health club was opened from 9am to 4pm today and most of our Cathe dot Com staff worked a half day. There were no rehearsals today, but Cathe is working all day tweaking all of the routines. Being in the health club business, working holidays is standing operating procedure…

Window Wizards!

Okay, they’re really not “Window Wizards”, but today was a very busy day for all kinds of behind the scenes activities. In the picture above a crew from the set design company we use cut a new window into the side of our set and made several other structural changes.…

Heavy Weights

The above picture is from one of our recent rehearsals and shows Brenda doing a pullover with a 25lb dumbbell Our new 4 Day Split series will use three types of equipment for our strength conditioning segments: Dumbbells, barbell and a resistance band. The emphasis in this series is on…


The picture above is from the first rehearsal for the new workouts earlier this week. Rehearsals have been going all week -twice a day - and will continue right up until we film. During this time Cathe will tweak each routine and she and the crew will work on being…

4 Day Split Presale

Our 2007 presale is now underway. Starting from now on please make sure to return to our blog frequently as we will be adding new information, details and pictures throughout the following weeks! If you haven't done so already, you can pre-order by going to following link: Here is…