The Most Unhealthy Fast Food Milkshake

After Workout TreatCertainly, there are healthier options than drinking a fast food milkshake – such as sipping on a cup of green tea, but sometimes you want a treat – and nothing but a milkshake will do. When you go in search of that fast food milkshake, be sure to read the fine print before ordering a sweet treat at Baskin Robbins. They hold the title for the most unhealthy milkshake – with their Chocolate Oreo Shake.

What is it about the Baskin Robbins Chocolate Oreo Shake that makes it so frighteningly unhealthy? If you order a large one of these super sweet fast food milkshake creations, you can count out eating for the rest of the day. At 2600 calories, you can’t afford to. If you’re in need of a sugar rush, you’ll get it with the 263 grams of sugar they’ve added to this calorie bomb – not to mention the135 grams of fat. As if that isn’t bad enough, they threw in 1,700 milligrams of sodium. Is there anything remotely redeemable about this drink?

Before ordering this disastrous fast-food milkshake, keep in mind you’ll have to walk more than 3.5 hours to burn off those calories, and that you could have ten packs of M and M’s with Peanuts and still consume fewer calories than you would be drinking this monster of a treat. Baskin Robbins seems to specialize in unhealthy fast food milkshakes since they also offer the Baskin Robbins Large Heath Bar Milkshake with no less than 2,300 calories.

The good news is there are guilt-free ways to splurge at a Baskin Robbins Ice Cream store. Stay away from the fast food milkshakes – since they’re all pretty high in calories and fat – and go for the premium churned low fat and light ice creams they offer. Who can resist butter churned almond crunch premium reduced fat ice cream with no added sugar? They also offer fat-free vanilla frozen yogurt and sorbets made with real fruit. Chances are you’ll feel pretty satisfied after having a serving of one of these and the thought of a fast food milkshake will have vanished from your mind.

The bottom line on fast food milkshakes? It’s a challenge to find one that’s even remotely healthy. If your heart is set on a milkshake and you don’t have time to make one, your best bet is the junior Frosty at Wendy’s that’ll only set you back 160 calories. You won’t get much, but it may be enough to satisfy an insatiable craving for a fast food milkshake.

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