How to Eat a Healthy Fast Food Breakfast

starbucks-1You may know the importance of a healthy breakfast but sometimes time restrictions force you into grabbing breakfast at one of the local fast food restaurants. When you read the menu and calculate the calorie content of some of the offerings, your hunger turns to shock. If you want to avoid getting stuck with the McDonald’s Deluxe Breakfast which will set you back over 1200 calories, you need to discover some healthy fast food breakfast options. Here are some of the healthier fast food breakfast options:

McDonald’s Egg McMuffin

The McDonald’s Egg McMuffin is a fairly reasonable option although it’s a bit high in fat at 12 grams per serving. It does offer 17 grams of protein and a calorie content of only around 300. The protein will help to reduce cravings later in the morning and will help you prime your metabolism to function optimally. If you want to save some calories and fat, you can ask for it without the cheese. To reduce your carbohydrate load, take off the top half of the muffin and eat it as an open sandwich.

Wendy’s Yogurt with Granola

This can be a quick and healthy option if you’re pressed for time. The yogurt and granola combination gives you 8 grams of protein at a cost of 250 calories. Although not as rich in protein as the Egg McMuffin, it’s not an unhealthy alternative. To reduce the calorie content of your breakfast, ask for your yogurt to be prepared with half the usual amount of granola.

Starbuck’s Low Fat Breakfast Sandwich

This sandwich is similar to the Egg McMuffin. The Canadian bacon present on the Egg McMuffin has been replaced with low-fat turkey bacon, while the whole egg has been replaced with a cholesterol-free egg. Low-fat cheese replaces the regular cheese on the McDonald’s sandwich. The fat content of the Starbucks sandwich is lower at 7 grams than the 12 fat grams found in the Egg McMuffin.

McDonald’s Scrambled Eggs and English Muffin

McDonald’s can prepare scrambled eggs for you and serve them with an English muffin. This is an excellent source of protein which should satisfy your hunger until lunch time. Instead of dousing your English muffin with butter, add a touch of jelly for flavor. You may want to save half of your English muffin for the following morning.

Subway’s Western Egg Sandwich

This tasty sandwich clocks in at only 285 calories and gives you a whopping 13 grams of protein. This should satisfy your hunger without leaving you feeling guilty.

Fortunately, most fast food restaurants are making nutritional data available to allow you to make a more informed decision on what to choose for your healthy breakfast. Fast food can be healthy for breakfast if you make the right choices.


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