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October 2019 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s October 2019 Workout Rotation

This month’s October 2019 workout rotation will be focused on metabolic, total body and cardio routines to fire up our muscles and metabolism!  Be sure to take extra rest days if needed and get plenty of water! Your “off” day can be moved to any day within the rotation if you’re feeling sore or are in need of extra recovery! 

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Cathe's April 2019 Workout Rotation 

Cathe’s April 2019 Workout Rotation 

This month’s rotation  (April 2019 workout rotation)provides a nice blend of longer and shorter workouts, upper and lower body workouts and circuit and cardio workouts.  This variety provides awesome cross-training benefits to keep your muscles challenged and responding positively.  Eat clean, stay hydrated and sleep well!

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Cathe's February 2019 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s February 2019 Workout Rotation 

This month we’ll shake things up again with a mix of high impact, low impact, heavy-weight, and higher rep workouts. Take an extra rest day each week if your body asks for it and keep your nutrition under close watch! We’re another month closer to crushing our 2019 goals!

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Cathe's New Video October Rotation

Cathe’s New Video October Rotation

Now that you have your new 2013 DVD workouts, let’s combine them with popular favorites such as Cross Fire, To The Max and our Xtrain series, for the ultimate fitness scrambler. This month expect to incinerate body fat, break stubborn fitness plateaus, and create lean and strong shapely muscles….are you ready???? Let’s Do It!

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Cathe's September 2013 Rotation

Cathe’s September 2013 Rotation

Hi Everyone! Hard to believe September is already here!!! This month we’re going to do “series” based workouts week to week. This will ensure a variety of muscle fiber recruitment and enhance muscle stimulation, which of course leads to a reduction in body fat. Remember…”you are what you eat” so eat well and clean. Extra

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Cathe Friedrich's Get in shape for Summer - May 2013 rotation

Get in shape for Summer – May 2013 rotation

Hi Everyone! This month’s rotation is the continuation of my “get in shape for summer” plan. This May 2013 rotation focuses mostly on explosive cardio and interval based workouts to keep the metabolism stimulated and in fat loss mode. I will also use STS Total Body and the GYM Style workouts as the main weight

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September 2012 Rotation

Hi Everyone! Get ready to jump into the school year with a mix of new and old, long and short and moderate to intense workouts! Your body will have all kinds of guess work coming at it which means your results will be on the high rise! Enjoy these workouts along with healthy balanced meals, water, and sleep. This rotation is now available to download to your calendar in the Workout Manager.

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Cathe’s December 2011 Rotation

Hi Everyone! I know this is a huge ongoing month of festivities but lets also keep our health a high priority on our “to do” list. This month we are shocking our systems by mixing high impact with low impact workouts and also combining muscular strength with muscular endurance workouts. I have factored in additional

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November 2011 Rotation

Hi Everyone! Get a jump and pump start on those tempting treats. Here is a great circuit rotation that mixes heavy and light training to keep your metabolism rev’d up and your muscles on fire at a time when extra food starts making its way into the picture. Eat well, work hard and stay focused!

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Cathe’s October 2011 Rotation

Hi Everyone! This month High Intensity Training and tough Circuits unite! Eat your wheaties and up your protein 20%. Drink water, sleep hard and remember that this is good for you. You can now download this rotation to your calendar in the Workout Manager. Week One: Mon….Body Max 2 Tues….Pure Strength Back and Bi’s Wed…Boot

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Cathe August 2011 Rotation

Summer is not over yet. If you’re not swimming, biking or hiking, keep these workouts on your to do list and show off your healthy muscles. Remember to drink lots of water for muscle hydration, clear skin and better body function. WEEK ONE: Mon: Butts and Guts Tues: Intensity Wed: Low Impact Circuit Thurs: 40/20

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Cathe’s January 2011 Rotation

Happy New Year! Well, you guessed it, New Years Resolutions are in full swing now and if you’re like most of the population, you are in fat loss mode attempting to take care of the typical 5 to 10 pound gain that accumulated over the holiday season. This month’s rotation focuses on fat loss… period! So

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