Cathe’s January 2011 Rotation

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2019)
January 2011
January 2011

Happy New Year! Well, you guessed it, New Years Resolutions are in full swing now and if you’re like most of the population, you are in fat loss mode attempting to take care of the typical 5 to 10 pound gain that accumulated over the holiday season. This month’s rotation focuses on fat loss… period! So get ready to get sweaty! But before we begin, go through the cabinets, pantry and friggy and get rid of ALL THE GOODIES! C’mon, you owe it to yourself to get on the right track RIGHT NOW!


Mon: HIIT Double Wave Pyramid
Tues: 40 minute steady state run and Ab Circuits: Weights and Plates
Wed: STS Total Body plus 30 minute BRISK walk
Thurs: Intensity
Fri: Kick Punch and Crunch
Sat: STS Total Body w/optional MMA Fusion (double up or do later in day)
Sun: OFF


Mon: Body Max 2
Tues: Imax 3
Wed: Muscle Max plus 30 minute steady state run
Thurs: Intensity
Fri: Body Max Original
Sat: Muscle Max plus MMA Boxing
Sun: OFF


Tues: Cardio Core Circuit
Wed: Low Impact Circuit
Thurs: HIIT 40/20 plus Ab Circuits No Equipment
Fri: Lower Body Blast Plus 30 min steady state run
Sat: Shock Cardio Athletic Step plus MMA Kickbox
Sun: OFF


Mon: Intensity
Tues: Lower Body Blast plus 4DS Kickbox (cardio portion only)
Wed: Imax 2
Thurs: High Reps plus 30 minute steady state run
Fri: Cardio Core Ciruit
Sat: Low Max
Sun: OFF

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