September 2012 Rotation

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2019)

September 2012 RotationHi Everyone! Get ready to jump into the school year with a mix of new and old, long and short and moderate to intense workouts! Your body will have all kinds of guess work coming at it which means your results will be on the high rise! Enjoy these workouts along with healthy balanced meals, water, and sleep. This rotation is now available to download to your calendar in the Workout Manager.

Week One:

Mon….Body Max 2


Wed….Step Jump & Pump

Thurs….Step Jam ( or solid step routine of choice)

Fri….Muscle Endurance

Sat….Ab Circuits Pilates plus Seg 1 Total Body Stretch


Week Two:

Mon….HIIT 30/30

Tues….Step Moves

Wed….Muscle Max

Thurs….4DS Kickbox in its entirety

Fri…..Imax 2

Sat……Ab Circuits Stability Ball plus Seg 3 Stretch Max



Week Three:

Mon…..Body Max Original

Tues…..Leaner Legs

Wed…..Intensity (step)

Thurs….High Reps

Fri…..Kick Max

Sat…….Ab Circuits Weights/Plates plus Seg 1 Stretch Max



 Week Four:

Mon….Turbo Barre

Tues…..Athletic Step

Wed….Maximum Intensity Strength

Thurs….Maximum Intensity Cardio

Fri…..Cardio Kicks

Sat…….Ab Circuits No Equipment plus Seg 2 Stretch Max



16 thoughts on “September 2012 Rotation

  1. Hi Cathe
    I can’t view weeks 3 days Friday and Saturday the Daily deal banner is over it.
    Love those pants they look like red colored camo pants are they? Where did you get them?

  2. That outfit is quite cool…Good looking girl you are 🙂
    September rotation seems to be fun..
    I`m desperate for XTRAIN!!!!!!

  3. Cathe, your rotations are always excellent. Thank you! And by the way, you look GORGEOUS in that photo!! 😀

  4. Hi Cathe!

    Yowzas! This is quite a rotation! You look so beautiful and I love your haircut/style. I’m going to print out this picture and take with me the next time I go to the beauty shop. I want the “Cathe” do!

    Thanks for making such great workouts for us, I totally love Cross Fire and To The Max and I just preordred XTrain. And to top it off, I’m mixing up my STS workouts and going thru it for the 4th time! Work! Work!

  5. Hi Cathe! Great rotation ! I just love CFire & TMax ! Can’t wait for XTrain. I LOVE those Camo pant. Where did u get them & who are they made by? Thanks for all your great workouts! I have ALL of your DVDs!!!! Helen C.

  6. Like Wendy I see the deal banner, but in my case I can’t view Friday’s and Saturday’s workouts for week one. I’m using an Ipad.

    I agree with everybody else, Cathe is looking good. Can’t wait for Xtrain!

  7. thanks cathe.. great great rotation only i don’t have bm2 and I DONOT like to do any any step workouts… I cannot get it at all! what would u suggest to do instead of the step routines?? Could i sub in dome hiits,, crossfire ect??? Or some kickboxing I LOVE kickboxing and have all the kickbox dvds beside timesaver:( Thanks AND WOW Girl… LOKKING GREAT!! Alot of ppl have moviestars and rockstars as the ppl the love and idolize, lookup to and want to meet most… YOU Are MY Rockstar… Just wanted you to know that! Thankyou for all you do for us, you make fitness fun and knowlegdeable and its because of you I love it… If i watch a another w/o video i feel like i cheat on you…. lol!!! Thank Cathe! Love you and everything you are about<3 Love your cute outfit too <3 U really look BETTER THAN EVER:)

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