Cathe’s New Video October Rotation

Cathe’s New Video October Rotation

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2019)

Cathe's New Video October Rotation

Hi Everyone! Now that you have your new 2013 DVD workouts, let’s combine them with popular favorites such as Cross Fire, To The Max and our Xtrain series, for the ultimate fitness scrambler. This month expect to incinerate body fat, break stubborn fitness plateaus, and create lean and strong shapely muscles….are you ready???? Let’s Do It! * workouts are now available for download in the Workout Manager



Mon…Rockout Knockout

Tues…X Train Bi/Tri

Wed….Cardio Leg Blast

Thurs….Cross Fire

Fri….Party Rockin Step #2 or pedal power

Sat….XTrain Chest/Back Shoulders




Mon…All Out Low Impact Hiit

Tues…Burn Sets (Upper Body)

Wed….Too The Max

Thurs….Hard Strikes

Fri….XTrain Legs Plus X10 Low Impact Hiiit) Only

Sat….Party Rockin Step 1or Pedal Power




Mon… Hard Strikes

Tues…Super Cuts

Wed….Lean Legs and Abs Plus one X10 segment of your choice

Thurs….Flex Train

Fri….Great Glutes Plus one X10 segment of choice

Sat….Party Rockin Step #1 or Pedal Power




Mon…Cross Fire

Tues…Rockout Knockout

Wed….X10 in its entirety

Thurs….Party Rockin Step 2 or Pedal Power

Fri….XTrain Chest Back Shoulders

Sat….X Train Bi’s Tris Plus Cardio Leg Blast



5 thoughts on “Cathe’s New Video October Rotation

  1. I loved it! because Iast week I finished my second round to Xtrain and now with the new cd that come to me and I love them as was thought was going to combine.
    Cathe Thanks for always thinking of us women to see ourselves beautiful.

  2. Hi Cathe,

    Love the look of the monthly rotation. Can you explain to us why you don’t recommend doing cardio and strength on the same day..would you be over training if you did a 1/2 hr HiiT followed by 45 mins of strength?
    Thanks 🙂

  3. How come I’m always kick my back out? When I workout with kickboxing or higher impact it happens, occasionally — Maybe my age ??? 57

  4. Cathe, I bought your calendar and I got two sheets of some older stickers to put on the calendar. I was wondering when I could get some newer stickers?? I have XTrain, Cross Fire, and the newest DVD’s, oh, and I got the Low Impact series. Do you have stickers for those yet? Thank you.

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