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Cathe's February 2014 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s February 2014 Workout Rotation

Hi Everyone. This month we need to stick to our goals that we set for January and follow through with some shock training. We will be doing a mix of circuit, cardio, heavy weights and light weights all within one week each week for the next month. This keeps your body guessing and firing away trying to keep up with your high activity and multiple changes.

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Cathe's Greatest Hits DVD

Cathe Friedrich’s Greatest Hits vol1 Aerobic Step Workout Video

As a leading innovator in the home exercise video industry, in 1988 Cathe founded Step N Motion Videos, and in 1989 created one of the first “step” aerobic videos. Today, her fitness empire includes all types of workouts—featuring an enormous collection of step aerobic videos—and is one of the largest privately-owned fitness video libraries in

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Cathe's August 2013 workout Rotation

Cathe’s August 2013 Rotation

Hi Everyone! This month we are going to get in shape with a variety of workouts. You’ll see a theme each week. First week is a circuit format, the second week is cardio/muscle mix, the third week is your MAX week, and the fourth week is your “longer-shorter workouts” week. This variety will shock, shape,

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Cathe's June 2013 Rotation

Cathe’s June 2013 Rotation

June 2013: A little Old and a little New!!! What do you get when you mix a little of the older DVD’s with a little of the newer DVD’s? A June rotation that’s filled with variety, cross training, and fat burning. This month get summer fit with everything you need to do to get super lean, super strong and super fit!!! For maximum results drink at least 10 eight ounce glasses of water every day and eat super clean!

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Cathe’s October 2012 Rotation

This month is an undulating rotation which mixes strength with endurance. Expect to burn fat, calories and rev your metabolism. Sleep, clean, healthy food and water will maximize your results. You can now also download this rotation into your Workout Manager calendar – Enjoy!

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The Music, and Choreography Can’t be Beat! – by Mg

Your step videos have been a regular play in my family room since my sons were toddlers. They are now graduated from college. And I am in better shape now then before I got pregant twenty some years ago, thanks to an hour every other day with Cathe. Today, as in the past year, 5

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Body Max 2

This week’s featured DVD is Cathe’s Body Max 2 DVD. … but hurry this special is for a limited time only and will end on Sunday, January 9th. Use coupon code FP-30 when prompted and save 30% off the regular price

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Cathe’s June 2011 Rotation

Hi Everyone! This month we will do muscle confusion in a new format. We will do endurance one week, strength the next week, power the third week and a little of all of them on the fourth week. Shock your system, burn fat, create lean muscle mass and condition your heart. That’s the way to

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Cathe’s March 2011 Rotation

Hi Everyone! Now that our buns are super firm from last month’s rotation (Feb 2011) , this month we’ll balance things out and emphasize core and upper body a little more. Of course we’ll still do legs and cardio but we’ll really work the arms and core HARD. “Get Firm” reminders: Eat clean, drink water,

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A body to be proud of by Jenni

On January 6, 2007, I quit smoking after 21 years. I had always been blessed with a good metabolism and was naturally thin. I had periods in my life when I would be a very active exerciser – but I never fully committed. As many people experience, I began to gain weight after I quit

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Second Chance by Kathlene

My past lifestyle was not the healthiest. I was a smoker for over 30 years, afraid to quit because I knew I would gain weight as well as lose my “stress reliever”. My husband convinced me to quit with him in October, 2008 and we were both successful, however, by Jan. 2009, I had gained

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Cathe’s August 2010 Rotation

Hi Everyone. Here is a great rotation that keeps you super fit, super toned, and super sweaty all month long. Add focus and a clean diet and double your results. You can now download this rotation into your Workout Manager calendar. Just go to the Workout Manager and click on the rotation icon and follow

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