Cathe’s February 2014 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s February 2014 Workout Rotation

(Last Updated On: July 9, 2018)

Cathe's February 2014 Workout Rotation

Hi Everyone. This month we need to stick to our goals that we set for January and follow through with some shock training. We will be doing a mix of circuit, cardio, heavy weights and light weights all within one week each week for the next month. This keeps your body guessing and firing away trying to keep up with your high activity and multiple changes.

These workouts are great to do to as a plateau buster to get your metabolism jumping right along with you. In addition to the solid cardio workouts in this rotation, a lot of the lower body workouts have a cardio factor to them. For this reason I only average about 3 to 4 cardio days per week. If you prefer more cardio, you can supplement with the following:

Segments of Tabatacise

Segments of All Out Low Impact Hit

Segments of X10

Any one of the HIIT workouts

Btw, for those who put on the familiar 4 to 7 pounds during the holidays…are your holiday pounds coming off? If not you may need to shock your diet too and eat much tighter and cleaner. If its not possible to do right away, make it a goal to eat super clean three days a week and gradually work your way to 6 days a week allowing the 7th day to be your “cheat day”.

It gets easier with time and when you finally get to the 6 days clean you might find you’re not even in the mood to cheat much on the 7th day.



Mon…Body Max Two

Tues…Cardio Kicks

Wed….Pyramid Upper Body

Thurs…IMAX 2

Fri….Boot Camp original

Sat….Yoga Relax

Sun….Pyramid Lower Body


Mon…Step Blast

Tues…4 Day Split: Kickbox in its entirety

Wed….All Out Low Impact

Thurs… Burn Sets: Upper Body Premix

Fri…. Legs and Glutes


Sun….Yoga Relax


Mon…Step Jump and Pump

Tues…MMA Boxing Plus Ab Circuits Plates and Weights

Wed….Lower Body Blast


Fri….Pure Strength/ Back Biceps Abs

Sat….Pure Strength/ Chest Shoulders Triceps

Sun….Yoga Relax



Mon…Drill Max

Tues…Muscle Max


Thurs…Pure Strength/Strong Legs and Abs

Fri….Step Blast

Sat….Pyramid Upper Body

Sun….Yoga Relax



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